We’re so happy now that mommy’s office is all done. We can lay on her sheepskin under her desk all day long! Here is our favorite inspiration she referenced.

As the dream of Friday teases, a good dose of inspiration can help you push through to the end of the week. And what better place to find it than at your very own desk!

Back in the day, I used to share quite a bit of desk envy, but I guess I hadn’t spotted any spaces that really got my design motor running. Until now.

I find there to be a simple formula for creating a pitch perfect workspace. A great lamp or two, a chair that looks as good as it feels and inspirational imagery – everywhere. With that, you should be good to go {great styling doesn’t hurt your cause!.

I’m suddenly inspired to dust of my mood board and refresh it for the new season.

I hope the husband won’t mind coming home to a couple of walls papered with tear sheets!

What’s your favorite desk accessory luvies?

photography by unknown via vogesparis

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