What do you do when life hands you a wall? Get over it.  {This might be the longest post I’ve written in quite sometime but I suggest you read on. There’s an exciting announcement toward the end..}

But let’s get back to the first issue at hand. Getting over a wall can be quite tough. It might require crawling hand over hand, or take one giant leap, but the point is it can be done.

I’m the first to admit that the waning weeks of 2012 were my wall.

Sheer mental, physical and emotional exhaustion took hold and seemed to put a vice grip around my creative core. Having attempted the ultimate challenge – following a dream and making a living from blogging {among other things} took a toll. Balance was lost, creative freedoms felt more stifled and fresh ideas seemed few and far between. I so appreciated both your patience and candid feedback as I struggled to find my focus. But NO MORE!!

It is time we all…

I’m thrilled to report that I found the ladder over my metaphorical wall on the beaches of Sayulita, Mexico and I’m ready to take 2013 by storm.

The change of place and pace unlocked a surge of energy, enthusiasm and creative freedom that I cannot wait to apply here. My aha moment was heavily influenced by Bossypants. You know, Tina Fey’s brilliant memoir. It’s the kind of laugh-out-loud-until-you-snort-type-of-read, but I did take away something very serious from it. Ironically enough, the lesson came straight from the rules of comedy.

As Tina explained, the art of improvisation has rules, rules that can change your life. That certainly made sense to me. What is life if not a constant improvisation? My favorite of Tina’s astute observations boiled down to these key points {thank you almighty Tina, I’ll be watching the Globes this Sunday, and blogging the fashion come Monday!}

Pretty inspiring right? I’m feeling very ready to face the new year with this fresh perspective, a renewed passion and a more focused sense of purpose. It was actually this tweet that gave me another timely reminder. That the blog’s original mission, as stated in my Twitter bio is simple:

to live a styled [read intentional] life, searching for all things fabulous in decor, fashion, design, style [and blogging]

Most importantly though, is sharing what I uncover with you!  That still gets me as excited as it did when I started this thing. So it is with renewed joy and eager anticipation that I’m writing to you today, dear readers. Now, I must forewarn there will still be advertorial posts and ads on the blog as {coupled with consulting & styling}, this is how I’m paying the bills these days, but I do hope to make those posts interesting and relevant to you. I appreciate your understanding. But I am promising a return to my roots of fabulous finds related to all things style, with a few serious posts thrown in from time to time.

Now, you don’t have to jetset to a far-flung beach to beat the burnout blues. With margarita in hand, I started jotting down ways that I plan to keep the blues at bay throughout the year, not just while enjoying a dreamy vacation. Below are some very simple ways to keep the recharge going. I am dedicating myself to employing all of them on the regular:

1. Read something devastating.

2. Read something delightful.

3. Call a girlfriend every Sunday.

4. Send cards, not texts.

5. Sleep. It truly does wonders for mind, body and spirit.

6. Indulge in something you love.

7. Try something new.

8. Have coffee with someone smarter than you.

9. Institute a digital sundown: no electronics after 10:00pm!

10. Remember to breathe deeply.

I think using these techniques are definitely going to help my feet stay firmly rooted to the ground, but my sights set way off on the horizon. And now for the big announcement….

Building the Apartment 34 team is long overdue which is why I’m thrilled to announce we’re searching for TWO brand spanking new positions.

We are on the hunt for an exceptional marketing assistant, with a passion for office organization, a head for business and knack for stellar customer relations. We are also looking for the perfect editorial intern who loves great style and wants to build their writing/blogging/graphic design chops. If either of these options sound like you, then consider applying today!!

Here’s a bit more detail:

If you’d like to learn about running your own lifestyle business, online advertising and digital marketing by diving in and doing, then our marketing assistant position could be for you. Incentive pay will be offered. This will be a part-time role. Must live in San Francisco.

Our editorial intern will play an integral role in developing Apartment34.com. This is an incredibly fast-paced position, and a fantastic opportunity to learn about every aspect of lifestyle blogging. High level of creativity & attention-to-detail are major musts. Any training in graphic design a major plus. Distance applicants will be considered though San Francisco residents preferred.

Please send cover letters and resumes to [email protected], subject line Marketing Assistant Resume or Editorial Intern Resume.

I must say, I feel like a giddy school girl bubbling over to tell you everything all that’s in the works all at once! I’ve got decorating how-to’s {like this}, trend spotting {like this}, business tips {like this}, personal style {like this}, fashion fantasies {like this}, wanderlusting {like this} and completely new features coming your way very very soon. Sign up for our RSS feed if you want to be sure to catch every single one.

Suffice it to say, I’m predicting 2013 to be a crackerjack year. It all starts Monday my dears. Hold onto your hats!

Till then,

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  1. So happy to hear you are doing so well! Looking forward to what 2013 will bring 🙂 Wish I were in San Fran so I could apply!

  2. I’m a big fan here Erin, keep up the good work and I truly believe that all this passion will not be for vain! Your plans will work out in the end!
    Kindest regards!

  3. I’m so glad you beat your blues! It certainly happens to us all and your post is so inspiring to get over that wall. I’m excited to see all the amazing things you’ll do this year! Congrats on building your team!


  4. I’ve been exploring future career paths (currently a student) and your post inspired me to look into editorial work. It sounds like a good fit for my current studies in Communications and Graphic Design. Thank you for making Apartment 24 such an inspirational space. I wish you luck on your search. Happy 2013!


  5. Thanks for the question Bianaca. The editorial intern position will work with me directly. There is a lot of opportunity to build the role around personal passions and skill sets but the role could include:
    – research and sourcing
    – publishing columns on Apartment34.com
    – post design possible (expertise with Photoshop required)
    – copy writing
    – social media management
    – HTML coding
    – assisting on photoshoots/styling (if San Francisco based)
    The role is currently slated for part time (15-25 hrs per week).

    If interested in a job description for either role please email me!

  6. Hurray! So excited to see you get your spunk back. I think we all went through something like you described in this post. I did not want the beginning of this year to come and literally, verbatim, told my boyfriend I just wanted to go to an island and hide for a month. Thaaaat wasn’t really possible but it’s made me think a lot about my work life balance, helped me gain some perspective, and made me find better ways to wind down while still appreciating (and working my butt off!) for the business that I’ve built. Anyway, I’m so excited to take part in your journey in 2013! xoxo

  7. Bravo sister – finally happy to hear that you are taking a moment to re-evaluate and center yourself before you go to the next milestone. It is a scary and difficult process to “turn yourself off” but it is necessary. It is also scarier to find that yourself at a cross roads where success and more success meet, but I am grateful to see you on this path. Good luck and let me know how I can help!

  8. This is such an inspiring post! I loved following your blog in 2012 and am really excited to see what you have in store for 2013! *wishing* that I lived in SF so I could throw my name in to work with you! Xo.

  9. Hi Erin,
    I am so touched that my tweet to you, down in Mexico, was inspiring. Thank you for sharing that on your blog. Hands down my favorite thing about the blogging world is being able to connect, encourage and inspire other fabulous women~ just like you. Timing is everything and I am honored that as a first year blogger I was able to inspire one of my favorite mentor bloggers. 🙂
    Excited to see what the new year holds for you-it all sounds fabulous!
    Cheers to that! You made my day! xx, Heather

  10. What a wonderful way to use your joy and your blog offering a job! I would like to live in San Francisco, to give my contribute, i would like to do it even without earnings…but i live in Rome…that’s what i call bad luck..