One of our new year’s resolutions was to do more stay-at-home date nights. It’s better for your health, your wallet and, I’d attest, your relationship. Co-cooking builds character!

That’s why I was thrilled to share a sneak peek into our at-home entertaining rituals as part of the Entertaining With series on Camille  You can see the entire post here, but I thought it’d be fun to share a few outtakes from our shoot!

Yes, that’d be me, Chloe and the hubby, enjoying some quality time together! She loves to bark at the camera.

We keep our at-home date nights pretty informal. We kick off our shoes (at least I do), open a bottle of wine, turn on the tunes and attempt to have fun in the kitchen. We’re usually pretty good at it. We actually took a risotto making class about a year ago {highly recommend cooking classes for couples btw}. And while we’ve only busted out the skill a handful of times since, risotto really does make a wonderful meal. The best part about it – you need at least an hour – aka perfect conversation time!

It really is a group effort. Chloe and Bailey always take an acute interest in what we’re cooking up. And despite all the folly, we usually end up with a delicious meal, enjoying a wonderful time and feeling all the better for it at the end.

For recipe details about the eggplant and lemon risotto you see here + entertaining-at-home tips and tricks, head over to see our feature on!

photography by michelle drewes

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  1. Beautiful feature at Camille Styles! I had to laugh at the leftover onion in the fridge comment because I feel like that’s a theme in our house too!

  2. I was introduced to Apartment 34 today through your feature on Camille Styles. Love it!! I’ll definitely be back 🙂

  3. We had a similar New Year’s resolution as a couple and it truly is doing us (and our wallets) wonders. And a think our 2 pups and kitty enjoy it as well so they can bother us for pieces of meatball – haha! Such a fun post, thanks for sharing!

  4. What a sweet feature, your dog is adorable!

  5. Where did you take the risotto-making class? That sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. i love your effortless ways~ can’t wait to see the rest of your loft. and nice cameo by the hubs too!

  7. Shanain, we took a class through the kitchen store Sur la Table. They offered them in Seattle, but we we haven’t found one in SF yet!

  8. Congrats on the contribution! So fun, and love that resolution. Me and the hubby will have to add it to our list too! 😉

  9. LOVE the pics! L-0-V-E!!! And, luckily, I know all too well that you and the hubs are wonderful hosts! xo UB