Poof. Just like that one month of 2013 is already gone. Does that freak you out as much as it does me??

Although, when time passes so quickly you barely even see it that’s a sign that you’re filling your days with good things, right? Things have definitely been rather good lately. We’re expanding the Apartment 34 team. We’re taking on fun projects. Trying  new things {more to come on that!}.

This week a friend and I were discucssing “the tingles.” You know that feeling. The one that means something excites and terrifies you in equal parts.  When you have it, it also means that’s exactly what you should be doing. They fail to tell you growing up that the tingles never really go away, no matter how old you are, nor that it’s a good thing! Having it all figured out just means you’re going too easy on yourself.

So take heart friends. If you’ve been challenged this week or are facing something a bit daunting, you’re probably in exactly the right spot. But here are a few fabulous things to help distract you this weekend:

~ Emily and I had fun playing dress up 

~ Rue Magazine launched a whole new website and it rocks

~ Jen might be the cutest thing ever

~ She and Catherine are pretty much neck and neck

~ Did you catch that we launched a shop?! I’m tagging all my favorite things so you can get your hands on ’em real quick like! Start browsing here.

Before you go, there’s another stellar round of Noteworthy Newbies this week! Did they do that panel again at Alt Summit this year?? I’d love to be pointed to that list too! 



 good life for less

 bliss blog

 fine little day

 little gems

Till Monday,

PS: Spoiler alert: I finally get to give a Loft Life update next week! I cannot wait to let you in on everything.

quote design by sarah tolzmann, photography by lina scheynius for Russian Vogue

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  1. Can believe how quickly January flew by! Some say the days are long but the years (and months!) are short. Happy weekend!

  2. I never thought it of that way. I have been having that ‘tingle’ this week seeing the growth in my business. It’s scary, but exciting at the same time. Here’s to hoping I am on the right path!

  3. THANK you so much for the feature under “Noteworthy Newbies” – WOW! What a nice surprise!

    oxo, JillGG