Hey hey it’s Friday and I’m more than ready to have some fun! Well, my version of fun.

The husband is heading off for a little boys weekend, so you know what that means! That’s right, blogging until 2 AM baby! Woohoo. I live a wild and crazy life. But I suspect all you fellow bloggers out there know where I’m coming from. When the family is away, you will…be online! I am making a point to break up my work-all-weekend with some quality girl time over wine & chocolate. Because as our house rules state, they are necessary to keep a modicum of sanity.

If you care to dive into to the blogging {and pinning!} abyss with me, here are some must-see links to keep you occupied:

Be better than busy? I say Amen to that.

– “Don’t be afraid. Take risks.” Sage advice from this wise blogger.

– Last week I wanted to go to Crete. Now Jose {my fabulous wedding photographer} has me desperate to go to Cuba.

– Every month I swear I’m going to build in time to read more actual books. This one might get me to finally do it.

– If, like me, you’re a sucker for good packaging, then you’re going to be stocking up on this Brie.

Sarah just might make me dare to wear pink.

– I keep looking for recipes to test for Tasty Tuesday and this one is now at the top of the list.

– I’m craving this white tote for spring. I don’t care how impractical they are.

– And this, well this just cracked me up.

Whether you’re out and about, livin’ it up this weekend, or holed up at home like me, I hope you enjoy every minute of!

Till Monday!!


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  1. Really great links, especially the book one! I’m also constantly struggling with my book reading. Too many other things are always more important, but it shouldn’t!
    Have a nice Sunday, Toni

  2. Ah! Perfect timing, just browsing around for a new book to start. I’ll download this now! Thanks for the rec.