After working for two weeks straight, with no break, and then our world getting turned rather upside, I’m sorry, but I’m feeling a very strong urge to disconnect from reality this weekend. I know they say not to run away from your problems, but you might be able to put them on hold for 24 hours. I, for one, am going to do my very best to do just that. Thankfully Napa is only a stones throw away and I plan to take full advantage.

If you need to disconnect or enjoy a little distraction here a few things to keep your mind occupied:

– Are you looking for a font to love? This will help you!

– The just-launched To & From Gift Guide is a serious hazard to my credit card.

– I just discovered The Editor and I’m lovin’ it.

– The New York TImes takes on the juice cleanse debate. Consider yourself educated.

This Everygirl profile of DwellStudio founder and all around cool girl Christiane Lemieux is fab.

This gal is too dang cute.

This one must have been reading my mind.

– And this blog and this blog are new me. And I’m obsessed.

And a few things you might have missed!

– The darling miss MJ asked me by her blog Pars Caeli

– I shared my favorite design trends with California Home & Design

– FRĒDA SALVADOR is your must have shoe for spring ‏

– I now have a laundry list of dry shampoos I’m going to try. Do you have a fave? Weigh in here.

We’ll also have a little surprise for you on Sunday. And by Monday, hopefully all will be right with the world again. We can only hope.

Till then!

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  1. Enjoy your break from reality, we could all use it! I am fully obsessed with the bumble and bumble dry shampoo, gives great texture without the residue. xo

  2. I noticed the link to The Editor isn’t linked up. I’m interested in what that is. Can you post the link?

  3. Oh Napa….please do tell where you ended up going. It’s my favorite place on earth. Too bad it’s not so easy to get to from Chicago. And hey…sometimes we do need a little respite. It’s been a tough week all around.

  4. What’s The Editor, need to check it out!! Happy weekend to you too. This week has felt a bit disconnected with reality, but sadly it’s all too real.

  5. So delighted to have you over to Pars Caeli!! That interview was a great treat for my readers. Thanks for all the support you offer new and growing bloggers! xo, MJ