I have a confession. I am not a chef. I don’t create original recipes and spend hours perfecting delicious dishes. Nor am I a food photographer. Cooking an amazing meal and then making it look just as mouth-watering on camera is a skill I idolize, but have yet to perfect. But I am a serious home cook who (really!) loves to eat.

The conundrum? How then, do I go about sharing the food I love when what I cook might not be pretty enough to be “blog worthy.”

Given the site’s facelift, I thought what better time to refresh our approach to Tasty Tuesday. Instead of sharing pretty food I’d LIKE to try, I thought I’d share a menu from the past weekend and give you my review! I know I always eat according to recommendations.

You see, I’m what you’d call a Pin-cooker. I pick one dish off Pinterest and base the rest of my dinner menu around it!

This weekend the selection was Roasted Cauliflower with Chickpeas and Harissa by Familystyle Food.

Photo by Karen Tedesco

I can proudly say my attempt looked almost as mouth-watering as the original. The spicy dish was a perfect focal point for a menu. Harissa is your standout ingredient here. It’s more than just spicy. The Tunisian spread is kind of like a chili paste, kind of like a chutney. In addition to its heat, it is also smokey and imparts a rich savory Moroccan flavor. I’ve loved it ever since it was included in a long-lost Domino Magazine!

The best thing about it? Harissa also makes most vegetables husband friendly (he’ll eat anything so spicy that it will make his eyes water!) This particular dish is brightened by the addition of fresh parsley and cilantro. The herbs add a light springtime quality to the inherent heartiness of the roasted vegetables.

Photo by Karen Tedesco


I knew this dish would overpower most other flavors, so I kept the rest of our dinner menu simple and straightforward. I served it up with lean steaks we’d slathered with our favorite rub and then grilled. A lush salad of mâché greens dressed with roasted pumpkin seeds and a light mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar was on the side. Dessert was a simple mix of fresh strawberries and dark chocolate.

I like to consider it the ultimate Saturday Supper! Head over to Familystyle Food to see how you cook this cauliflower up. Note: I made a few tweaks to my attempt, like roasting the chickpeas longer as they won’t be thoroughly cooked if you follow the original instructions. I also omitted the feta as you don’t need to dampen this dish with dairy! Plus you make it gluten free and vegan friendly.

What do you think? Would you whip this up for your next dinner party? And do let me know if you’d like to see more Menu Planning in future posts!

original photography by karen tedesco for familystyle food

What do you think?

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  1. This recipe looks so delicious. My favorite part about it is the harissa, this is one of my favorite spices. It is a combo or many different spices, so it give the dish more depth. Making it that much more interesting and flavorful. Thanks for the great food inspiration!
    xo Quinn
    Quinn Cooper Style

  2. Hi Erin – I’m so pleased you were enticed by my recipe and featured it here. This has been a favorite! Cheers to you, Karen

    1. Karen, cheers to you for creating such a wonderful recipe! Thank you, thank you!

  3. First of all, I love the new layout.. its very clean looking and pretty. Second, I would love to read more menu planning posts. Third, I think you’re perfect and don’t ever change :]

    1. Thanks Sarah! Planning home-cooked dinners is one of the things that get me through the week. I’ll definitely be picking more great dishes to try and share!

  4. This looks amazing! Yum. Your blog makeover looks great, Erin! 🙂

  5. This looks fantastic. I’ve never heard of Harissa before but am now very keen to try it.


    1. If you end trying it Erin, you must let me know what you think. Just tread lightly. Harissa is HOT

  6. you sound like a pretty accomplished cook to me! Love that you allowed this one dish to shine and let the other flavors be softer but still complementary. This looks delicious.