This week’s Tasty Tuesday is forgoing food. Instead we have a killer recipe for a show-stopping kitchen. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Polished brass has been making a serious comeback in the design world, but it’s usually stayed out of the kitchen. Until now. The glam factor of the golden hue has moved into the heart of the home, and why not?! It’s where we spend the majority of our time so we might as well make it fabulous, right?

I’m particularly smitten with the bronze hood featured in the jaw-dropping apartment in the first image above. The home was designed by the team from Workstead and was featured in Dwell Magazine last year.The designers dotted bronze throughout the otherwise minimal kitchen. It’s on the knobs of the range, on door pulls and on that amazing faucet. Workstead actually had to have the modern fixture replated in polished bronze, as it originally only came in chrome. I’m in love.

By mixing the gold accents with a bright white color palette it feels fresh rather than nostalgic. As the other examples show, classic materials like marble countertops, subway tile or iconic modern furniture make the bronze features stand out, in a good way. Suddenly gold cabinets feel totally now!

As much as I wish I could, I won’t be adding a custom bronze hood to the loft anytime soon, but I’d still love to brighten my kitchen with a bronze-colored accent or two.

Here are a few of my latest favorites:

goldshop 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

What do you think? Would you bring gold into your kitchen? If so, how?

images via dwell, unknown, here, and here

What do you think?

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  1. I’m a lover of gold, so I love this post…especially the light fixture, mugs and cutlery!

    ♥, LONDA

    1. And the best part about gold mugs and cutlery is that it’s a great baby step toward incorporating more gold into your home–well, for those who are afraid. But good thing we’re both gold lovers!

  2. How funny, I just sent the image of the live edge drop leaf design (from the first image in your series) to a client. We are going to do something very similar-but still quite unique-in her kitchen. And I have been DYING to use the new brass look in someone’s kitchen or bath. The general public has not quite recovered from the old shiny brass yet, so it is a hard sell. But I sure love it!

  3. I too love gold. I prefer it in my jewelry and accessories. I refurbished my house myself when I bought it and installed brass lighting fixtures and door knobs and gold plated plumbing fixtures in the guest bath. Unfortunately these fixtures do not hold up as well as chrome. Some of the brass can be polished but the gold plated faucet has corroded. But still I love gold so I will replace them with gold and brass.

  4. Love this – such a fan of gold! I dream to have a gold wall in my home one day. Thanks for the gold tray – been looking for an inexpensive one for a while and luckily West Elm ships to Australia!

  5. Any chance I can get the source for the pendant lamp in the last photo. Just LOVE it.


  6. Love,love,love those cabinets…..I would love to try the gold on a great little cabinet I have…but where to start….!!!!!

  7. I love the gold accent. If I had the money, my kitchen would be a replica.