For the latest installment of This is Very Pinteresting, we’re so excited to talk about the amazing painted concrete floors that have been Pinned all over the place lately! Now these aren’t any ol’ painted concrete floors. These are concrete floors with painted rugs on them! Genius, right?


Painting rugs on concrete is a great way to highlight the industrial, modern feature of the home rather than hiding the floors under a rug. After all, the concrete floors are probably one of the main things that attracted you to the space!

When it comes to busting out the paint can on your own concrete floors {if you’re so lucky to have them}, you can get as intricate or as simple as you want. The simple design in the dining room above is great for us non-Picassos out there! I’d recommend having a design on hand and taping it out before you display your artistic talents on your floors. Perhaps start out small, like a 2×3 in the entryway.

Better yet, I’m thinking a garage would be the perfect space for a little test run! I’d love to park my car on a chic and unique rug! Who cares about mistakes in there?

But the best part about painted rugs? Not only are they  a cool and fun idea, but buying a can of paint would save a pretty penny over purchasing an 8 x 10 vintage Moroccan Kilim!

Maybe we need to try this on the Apartment 34 offices…

image 1 via Decor8 // image 2 via Marie Claire Maison // image 3 via // image 4 via Marie Claire Maison

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  1. This is so cool! I don’t have concrete floors in my condo but I do in my storage unit…could be a fun way to spruce it up and it wouldn’t matter if I messed up 🙂

    1. Would it be a little too crazy if instead of painted rugs, you painted divisions of space for organizing your storage unit?!

    1. I know what you mean, it seems like such an obvious way to decorate your home, I can’t believe it’s only now that I’m realizing this is a possibility!