Hello friends! Welcome to whole new Apartment 34 world!! This is no April Fool’s joke. We decided we needed to do some serious spring cleaning around here. You like??

Why this major overhaul? Well, I’m so glad you asked.

I like to think of a brand like a visual calling card. It gets burned onto your retinas. And there’s just been so much change in the Apartment 34 world lately, we decided it was high time the site reflected it. Our calling card was long past its expiration date.

When this whole crazy Apartment 34 thing started six years ago, it was the nascent stages of lifestyle blogging, the nascent stages of my career; the nascent stages of my life really! No wonder Apartment 34 existed for years with no real brand of any kind. I used the template header from Blogger for goodness sake! That lack of a clear and strong identity is an apt metaphor for the personal identity search I was experiencing in my mid-20s. Everything was very much in flux.

Things are looking very different these days. I like to think of this redesign as a declarative statement of self. We’re all growed up now! And we finally have a website that feels the same way.

We want Apartment 34 to be your go-to destination for adding sophisticated style to your everyday life. Given this goal, we do have some new House Rules. We hope you don’t mind.


That last rule is the ultimate secret to looking wide awake, no matter how late you stayed up finishing your blog posts!

We’ve also added quite a few bells and whistles that we are quite excited about! Here are just a few:

This entire process has been quite the education on both the front and back ends of website design. (A whole series of posts coming on this very soon!) What we’re most excited to debut is real functionality for you.

Now you can browse the site by category; Decor, Fashion & Style, Recipes, Travel! You can shop our latest Must Haves. You easily see what other readers are really loving under Popular Posts in the right sidebar. You can see our latest Pins in real time (at the footer). Our Related Posts section finally works again! You can meet the entire Apartment 34 team. The list goes on and on.

So please start clicking away and tell us if you like how things work. RSS subscribers, be sure to drop in today and check things out!

I have to be sure and thank my stellar team for bringing this refreshed Apartment 34 to life; designer extraordinaire Maia McDonald, web developer Lovestru.ck and cracker jack web consultant Spitfiregirl Design.

Sky’s the limit from here!!

What do you think?

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  1. Fabulous new look, Erin!! Love it!! Congrats & looking forward to more style delights here.

  2. Congratulations Erin, the site is beautiful and functional. I went through this transformation myself and launched on 3/20, the first day of spring. I was on Blogger for almost 7 years and outgrew it several years ago. It was intimidating to DIY my site but I’m proud of it. Here’s to our sites growing up!

    1. Jessica, you’re spot on about redesign being intimidating! Kudos to you for DIY-ing it yourself!

    1. Last year I discovered the hidden power of red lips so usually rock Estee Lauder Red Velvet, but for spring I’m loving Lolabird pink by Aerini Lauder!

  3. Loving the new layout and the post! Enjoyed the behind story of the struggle for a brand identity and now having a website look that fits where you are in life. Excited to see what other changes are in store!

  4. It’s absolutely beautiful! Incredibly user friendly and smooth! I love it!

  5. The new layout looks great! Can I ask what software you use to manage and create daily posts? Is it Elements, Photoshop…?


    1. I use Photoshop Amanda! The site is also build on WordPress 🙂

  6. Congrats! Love the new look! I’ve been following your blog for years and did wonder when the redesign would happen. Very you! Easy to use. Stylish. Modern. Makes you wanna click, click …. click : )

    1. Thank you so much for being a long time reader Martina. Hearing that means the world!

  7. the new design is fabulous…just like you! love everything about it!
    xo . trina

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