Hey ya’ll, I’m Austin-bound this weekend and couldn’t be more excited about it. As I’ve shared previously, I work with Mark and Graham and this weekend we’re taking our show on the road. I can’t wait to see how Texan-tastemakers make their mark. {and you can follow the fun – just track #makeyourmarkTX on Instagram and Twitter!}

I’ve thought a lot about making your mark lately, but in a way that goes far beyond monogramming. What mark do you leave on the world? On your friends and family? With your work? It seems like making your mark is almost fundamental to our existence. We’re all seeking to be heard in some way, shape or form right?

I would hope that Apartment 34 is making a chic mark on the world – elevating what’s beautiful, interesting and unique to serve as a bit of a counter to the mundane, often arduous, sometimes tedious parts of life. I like to think that I’m also making a mark on the Apartment 34 team. Helping these amazing women chase our passions in lock step, imparting the few nuggets of wisdom I’ve managed to pick up along the way.

And I’m hope I’m making a mark on you – one that brings a smile, an idea or a spark of inspiration to your day. There are many people in the world making their mark in very big ways. Curing diseases, helping the hurt, giving someone without a roof over head a home. But all acts, big and small, have an impact on someone. So even if you only make one person’s day a bit better, you mark won’t soon be forgotten.

Here are a few other things that certainly made a mark on me this week.

~ Some have told me I remind them of Jenna Lyons. If only I could have her office – I’m dying over this 360 degree view

~ My Joss and Main sale is all about his and hers design. I love this example of his. I want to move right in!

~I’m obsessed with the new Domaine Home. Especially this home tour. They are killing it!

~ I shared my top five decorating tips here

~ And also considered how, if I had my wedding to do all over again, I’d redesign it here

I do hope you have a fabulous weekend. Don’t forget – if you want to snag something fabulous to spruce up your space, my Joss and Main Curators Collection ends tomorrow!! So get your shop on while you still can.

And for all you Austin experts out there, please send your recommendations my way!

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  1. This is such a powerful, thought-provoking post! Making your mark is definitely something beneficial to consider in all stages of life. Personally, I chose a career in philanthropy over a more corporate position because I felt I needed to commit myself to a career that was true to the impact I wanted to make on the world. Thank you for sharing this reminder as I hope to do the same with my new blog — http://www.vastaspiration.blogspot.com/.

    P.S. Jenna Lyon’s office is to die for! Her office and your 5 decoration tips for are great weekend design inspiration.

    xo, Alex

    1. Thanks so much Alexandra – I’m glad you found it thought provoking.