ankestrapshoesShoe trends may come and go, but there is one investment I want to make this summer. Thank ankle-strap sandal. The look is right up my alley. Sleek, simply and totally sophisticated. The classic is the all black Celine option {and its litany of knock-offs}, but I’m actually into the multi-toned version, especially when a pop of metallic is involved. Officially hunting eBay for those Isabel Marants.

Just remember, with a look like this, a fresh pedicure is required!

getthelookStrap Happy - The Summer Sandal Must-Have

What do you think?

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  1. Love all the options.
    Time to dust off my Pradas and go for a walk

  2. Love all of these, especially with the cropped green pants. Amazing! Looking forward to more blog posts!

  3. great choices.. somewhere somehow i got it into my mind that the ankle strap visually shortens legs. so being 5’4″ i cant get this out of my head. What do you think?
    I am still totally craving a pair though. what to do what to do!?

    1. Azrakun I would recommend a sandal in your skin tone. And be sure you pick a sandal with a really thin strap. By calling attention to your ankle (usually the skinniest part of your leg) you will actually elongate them!

      1. Love the ides! I yearn each summer for a stylish pair of high heels with an ankle strap but never dared to wear them with a skirt – thinking it makes my legs look short.
        Sandal in my skin tone & thin strap is the answer! Why didn’t I think about it before??! Funny how hard it is to get rid of a preconceived idea…. Thanks, Erin!

  4. This is my favorite style of sandal this season! I love the ones in the bottom right corner. They look great with a cream-hued pedicure!

    xo, Alex

  5. Jules kills it every time! Her shoes TDF! Love your blog it’s so clean and fresh.

  6. Very undecided on whether I like this trend or not… I love the mint ones but don’t know if I’d love baring so much toe!