Father’s Day is just around the corner {the 16th to be exact!}. Yikes!

If you’re like me, you’ve fallen behind on the days and need quick last-minute gift ideas to guide you in your shopping. I’ve rounded up the best options; the ones sure to make any dad proud to show off what you bought him!


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This year I’m loving the idea of getting the dads in our lives something with a more modern ┬átwist on the classics. One of my favorite examples is taking the iconic Moleskin notebook and transforming it into a photo album! Sure, he’d love an iPad, but I think there’s something really special and nostalgic about a picture album filled with images of loved ones and great memories – and this one he can fill with your Instagrams!

Another great idea? The catchall. A leather catchall is great for a guy that needs to stay a bit more organized around the house {don’t they all!}. Placed in the entryway it catches keys and loose change; on the dresser it’s perfect for watches and accessories. I love the idea of adding a monogram. It really elevates the quality of the gift and adds such a personal and special touch!

I also think every man should own an all-wood watch. I might be a little biased because I bought this one for the husband this year {despite wanting to keep it for myself!}, but he loves it! It’s a style-upgrade from a sports watch, but still has that casual, lightweight feel for dads who are always on the go and who don’t have time to switch out watches from day to night.

What will you be getting your dad or husband for Father’s Day? Any past gifts that were clear winners?

What do you think?

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  1. haha, such lovely ideas ­čÖé i love the cufflinks! i’ll be getting my dad a dvd box of his favourite series, that should be a hit.. thanks for sharing!