Lately, there has been an influx of new ways to style a bed flying around Pinterest. Gone are the days when you mimic a hotel bed with a tucked in flat sheet folded over a thin quilt. In fact, the majority of bedrooms have taken a rather un-styled approach to bed styling.

It’s piqued my desire to try out new ways to tidy up our bed, because honestly, who wants to make the bed all fancy in the morning?? So, let’s take a look at various ways make your bed look good: Pinterest style!


Style #1: Cover it up with a quilt or blanket!

Sounds too simple to be true? Well, it kind of is and is also completely genius! It works great with a more rustic style room like the one below. The loosely tossed linen duvet cover brings casualness to the four-poster bed.


Style #2: No duvet, just white sheets and a casually thrown throw.

Now, I don’t know how practical this is {I would be freezing at night!} but, I’m obsessed with the clean and modern look it brings to the room. Who would have thought you could get away with showing off your sheets? The triple stacking of pillows creates a great focal point as well. I love the height they add to the bed’s low slung silhouette.


Style #3: Messy pillows and disheveled duvet all in a monochromatic color palette.

Semi-reminiscent of dorm days, this is the make-your-bed-in-30-seconds way to go {which I know I could handle}. Throw the duvet and the pillows towards the headboard and simply so a little fold-over at the end and you’re good to go! Of course, I’m loving the different shades of gray {my go-to color}; they bring interest to solid bedding for those of us who aren’t pattern happy.


So, what do you think? Are you down for the un-styled turn that bed making has taken? Or are you standing firm on making your bed in a more traditional way?

Spoiler alert: I’ll be revealing my new bed making style in a special feature quite soon, so stay tuned!

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What do you think?

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  1. I’m down with not making the bed, but my husband likes it perfectly made each morning lol. He does a great job though so no complaints here 😉

  2. In photos an unmake bed can look inviting or lived in. But in real life, I’d much prefer a made bed every morning. It’s nice to get into a made bed at night. For some reason if the bed isn’t made, it doesn’t feel as good to pull back the covers and get into bed at night.
    Love all these photos however.
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

  3. I am excited to see how you styled your bed, but I think most of these are a little too messy.
    (p.s. – just wanted to let you know it is “piqued your interest”, not “peaked”!)

  4. I love the way these photos are styled! They make me want to curl up with a good book! But in real life I’m much to picky to leave the bed looking rumpled. It needs to look perfectly made everyday!

  5. Wow, lots of votes for a made-bed! Now I’m feeling some pressure to step up!

  6. I am liking this unmade look because well some mornings I am not in the mood to make the bed every morning, especially if I am running late.
    So this messy I can deal with [but getting into a cleanly made bed after a long day is great sometimes.]

  7. Well apparently I’ve been trendy for a long time, who knew! I use method 2 in the summer (when the duvet gets traded in for a thinner throw), and method 3 in the winter. Unfortunately my live-in boyfriend uses the “wait, a bed needs to be made?” method, which is just a little TOO messy for my tastes…