The crop top is one of those trends that seems to be everywhere this summer. We’re talking about showing just a hint of midriff, not anything more {please, no belly buttons!}. I like the sophisticated appeal and throw back style. I’m this close to trying it out myself.

Trendspotting-Cropped-Tops Trend-Spotting-Cropped-Tops-1Crop Top Trend SpottingTrend-Spotting-Cropped-Tops-3

The fine line of daring and sexy versus…how do we say overexposed in French…has me on fence though. There’s definitely that self-conscious aspect about baring the midriff. Constantly sucking in your stomach – a price we pay for fabulous fashion or too much work for a passing craze?

I’m curious, would you dare rock the crop??

image 1 via Vanessa Jackman // 2 via Le Catch // 3 via Karla’s Closet // 4 via Girls Off Fifth // 5 via // 6 via Who What Wear // 7 via Song of Style // 8 via Atlantic-Pacific

What do you think?

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  1. I thought “NEVER!” until I read this post! I think Karla and Blair got it perfectly. Never thought a crop top could look classy but with a high-waist skirt or wide-legged pants, it’s apparently perfect! I’m gonna have to look into this …

    1. Oh I love that! It’s always fun to try something new, so excited that these pictures inspired you. I agree, Karla and Blair show that midriff baring can be classy!

  2. Definitely stop it, though I’ll admit, in my early twenties I definitely rocked this look. Now I just think a little less skin is sexier on women of every age.

  3. Totally love the look however, I’d prefer to ‘stop it’ for now. In my twenties I’d have rocked this look without a pause. Now, after 3 kids – I think less is a lot more. 🙂