As someone who’s worn glasses since age 10, you’d think I’d be thrilled that they’ve turned into the accessory de jour. But I’ve always struggled with finding glasses that really frame my face well. Even as I admire all the “cool-girl” glasses options out there, I can never find a pair that I feel like actually look good on me.

But a few weeks ago, I spied Rivet & Sway on Pinterest {where else!} and I was blown away by their gorgeous website {and the fact that they were from Seattle didn’t hurt either!}. I love that they only make glasses for women and better still that they have a personal stylist online that will help you find the perfect shape for your face! Whether you have a round, oval or square profile, turns out there is a science to finding the right pair for you.

Since the entire Apartment 34 team proudly wear glasses, I decided to put Rivet & Sway to the test. I selected what I thought was the perfect pairs for each lovely lady to wear while enjoying some of our favorite activities to do in San Francisco!


Ashley’s favorite thing to do? Spreading out a blanket and enjoying the sun in the Mission District at Dolores Park. On a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, all you need is a good book and something to snack on! To match her flirty-funky style, I chose the Punchline in Morning Mist. I think they compliment her red hair so well, don’t you?


Our Marketing Assistant, Jessica is always checking emails and blog stats in the office. For a change of scenery and some fresh air, she heads to her favorite cafe in the neighborhood, the iconic Tartine Bakery! They have the best morning buns and pretty {aka very instagrammable!} coffee! Jess loves color, so I selected the Spitfire in Galapagos Green. We love the touch of lime green on the inside frame!


Our Editorial Manager, Bianca’s guilty pleasure after a long day of blogging and staring at pretty things? Unwind and watch reality t.v.! Cuddled up on the sofa with a cozy blanket and some popcorn is the perfect way to escape. Bianca usually wears tortoise frames, so I switched it up and went for a class black retro style, Hungry Hear in Jet Black. It’s the perfect sweet-and-sexy look for lounging around the house.

As for me, I can hardly keep up with all of the new places that pop up in my neighborhood. A perfect Sunday afternoon is spent stumbling upon a great art gallery. The Guerrero Gallery just blocks from the Loft 2.0 is a great space to enjoy some edgy and color filled pieces! The gorgeous airy atmosphere and fabulous light really make the art pop. I slipped on the Hungry Heart in Tortoise and love the way they work with the slimmer line of my face!


I must say, we’re all one big proud-and-happy-eyeglass-wearing-family over here!


It’s officially time to swap out my contacts and rock a pair the glasses, not only to see, but as my newest fashion accessory. I mean, even people who don’t need glasses are wearing them these days! It’s about time I got on this bandwagon.

Luckily for you, we’ve got your ultimate hookup: Rivet & Sway is offering a special discount to Apartment 34 readers!

Enjoy $50 OFF of your Rivet & Sway frames now through 7/31/13 with discount code SPECTACULAR-APT34. We had so much fun trying on all the different frames Rivet & Sway offers. Our advice? Go funky and be open to a shape or color you wouldn’t normally gravitate towards! Shop the entire collection right here. And just remember, four eyes are always better than two!

PS: Love our outfits? Shop the look over at Chloe Rose or if you’re in the area, check out their boutique on Union St! Ashley: similar tank. Jessica: blouse. Bianca: similar shirt. Erin: blouse.

This post is in partnership with Rivet & Sway. All opinions expressed are sincere and my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that keep Apartment 34’s doors open!

Styling by Erin Hiemstra for Apartment 34, Original photography by the uber talented, Aubrie Pick.

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  1. You guys are darling! I totally relate to not ever fully loving myself in glasses. I too need to wear them, and should wear mine all the time, but have such a hard time committing to use them every day. Thanks for introducing me to a new source!

    1. Hope you can find a pair you love Chelsea! Rivet & Sway has so many options – you might even be able to find two!

    1. Thanks Leahs! I’m excited to finally have glasses I look forward to wearing!

  2. I think you have made the right decision in finding a pair of spectacles to wear. I had a friend who was a counselor for the blind in Texas. She taught them how to live on their own using all things made for the blind. She told me that wearing contacts, and laser surgery are 2 big eye ‘No No’s’…I took it to heart, knowing all the extensive training she had in her field of eyes and sight. Sooooo, to you I say, “Rock those glasses”, you all look amazing!!! Your sight is a most precious gift from God…

  3. I hate my glasses and am going to try these people. Thanks… and btw you girls look wonderful!

  4. I love this! I have been scared to wear my glasses but after seeing this, I am going to give it another go 🙂

    1. Do it Melanie! We love the idea of accentuating glasses as fashion statement!

  5. I just got my Daily Candy, and you and your loft are the featured story! Congratulations!

    Love the glasses – thank you for featuring them.

    1. Thanks Katie!! Spoiler alert – check back tomorrow for some awesome outtakes from the DailyCandy shoot 😉

  6. Wow! What a great pick for each person — lookin’ good!

  7. Great post and what a fab presentation of opticals 🙂 you all look beautiful! I was wearing contact lenses for 11 years but after moving to London my eyes couldn’t keep up with all the street dirt and dust and i got back to glasses! I never looked back… 🙂 xxx

  8. Cheers for ladies who rock glasses! Great picks. I rock a purplish-pink Prada pair and find a way to make it work with nearly every outfit despite the odd color choice. Now off to go enjoy sometime with a latter and my MacBook a la Jessica!

    xo, Alex