Though wedding posts have been much fewer and further between these days, when something amazing catches my eye we will be sure to share it! That is certainly the case with a newly launched wedding planning concept that I only wish was around when I got married.

They call it White Label. The concept is relatively straightforward; White Label offers brides-to-be an “event in a box” option, but what you get is anything but a cookie cutter wedding. Rather, it’s a distillation of all the best ideas that, when you’re seeing them fly by on blogs, Pinterest and magazines, feel overwhelming. White Label offers six distinctive pre-designed looks that are aesthetically strong enough to stand on their own.

I dare you to pick just one favorite!

whitelabel2 whitelabel1whitelabel3 whitelabel6 whitelabel5 whitelabel4

But here’s the coolest part. For those of you still dying to scratch a creative itch, you can work with the White Label Designers Gloria Wong and Jubilee Lau to change out color palettes, select different rental options or play things up however you see fit! It’s the ultimate customizable wedding design menu.

I was thrilled when they asked me to put this customization to the test by putting my own spin on one of their tables. Reimagining wedding decor?? I could never turn that opportunity down!

I was given the out-of-the-box option White Label calls Falling For. Here’s how the transformation turned out!


Falling For was originally designed as a rustic, outdoor, more DIY-type design that included wooden chairs, mason jar glassware and a field-inspired foral centerpiece surrounded by faux-wood candles. I took a slightly more streamlined approach to my design.


I did keep a couple of the original design’s organic touches, including using a natural linen tablecloth and the original raw wood floral box. I always like to mix materials!

From there, things took a slightly more glamorous direction. I swapped in modern accessories including Ghost Chairs, gold flatware and gold flecked plates. Mason jars were replaced with classic stemware. I added kumquats and large white peonies to the floral arrangement to mix in a pop of sophisticated color and changed the dinner menus to match. Single small artichokes served as the perfect placecard holders.

For the backdrop, I continued to keep the design streamlined, with a single white stripe punctuated with three more mini bouquets of kumquats. All in all, I was quite pleased with how it turned out! If you didn’t look closely, you wouldn’t even know these two tables came from the same template.

I want to congratulate the ladies of White Label for launching such a brilliant idea. I had such fun getting to play a small part in it. Be sure to check out Facebook later today for some more pics of their stunning launch party.

original photography by lisa lefkowitz

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  1. Love them all. It would be so hard to choose. Makes me want to immediately go and redecorate my table.

  2. Such a cool concept. Thanks for the introduction. Love the changes that couple made to make it their own.

  3. WOW so lovely tablesettings:) and I LOVE the Ghost chair.

    If you like Bardot fashion..check out my new post:)

    have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria from