tumblr_mcvzw7SjUh1qajye7o1_1280Well, another month bites the dust. {I know, I know, we’ve got today and tomorrow, and trust me, I’m gonna milk ’em!}. I tend to bring up the speed of life and the need for balance in my weekend posts a lot, probably because I lack it. It’s the one thing in my life that I love and despise at the same time.

I’ve always prided myself as a go-go-go person, ready to take on anything that might come my way, but it’s also served to bite me in the butt. What’s the saying? Under promise and over deliver? Yeah, I should really try my hand at that rather than the other way around. It’s a good lesson to learn early my dears. I know I’ve certainly let people down in the past because I spread myself too thin. Not something I’m proud of. And apparently, energy really does wane as you age because the pace I used to always keep… let’s just say 1:00 am is not a friendly place anymore.

I recently spied a tidy little list of 16 Ways to Be a Little Happier. I’d rename them as 16 ways to be a little more sane, but I’m loving every suggestion. Of course I don’t have room to fit them into daily life all at once but I love the assignment {and challenge} of attempting one per week. It seems like the perfect way to set the tone for a new month!

Which one would you attempt first?16waystobehappySince it’s a stunning weekend in San Francisco I think I’ll be checking #16, “lie in the sunshine,” off my list! If you’re not headed outdoors this weekend here are few fun things to check out:

This is SO on my agenda for this weekend

Are you still a pen and paper girl like me? These are definitely a great way to keep our To-Do lists more organized. 

If you don’t know by now, here is the secret app to getting all of your Instagrams looking oh, so pretty! 

If summer has you itching to update the house a bit, you might want to check out your nearest Lowe’s this weekend. One word: Pantone. 

Grab some last minute party supplies for your big 4th of July celebration!

~ Don’t forget, next week we say goodbye to Google Reader! If you haven’t already switched over, you can follow Apartment 34 on Feedly here or on Bloglovin here!

You’ve also got to check out our amazing June sponsors. I’m always so excited to work with independent stores, fabulous designers and interesting brands on the blog. We’re saying good bye to Connected Goods {who you must visit for gorgeous textiles at 15% off!} and HD Buttercup – my go-to for furniture in SF!

And here are few fun things you may have missed around here this week!

~ Daily Candy stopped by for a Loft Life 2.0 update!

~ If we ever left San Francisco, I’d want to move here

~ I think I’m ready to try this trend

~ I found my new must-have eye glasses with Rivet & Sway; who are giving Apt34 readers an exclusive discount!

And be sure to stop back in, we’re sharing our next Gotta Getaway destination Sunday!

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  1. I just love the 16 ways to heaven! Thanks for sharing them and wish you to embrace them as a way of life the better you can (I wish myself the same!)
    Enjoy the weekend =)

  2. Hello from France ! Here is my first reply here on your blog. I have to say I really love it, there is so many things to get inspired for everyday life. I really love this post and your to do list. I will also try to follow them to improve my lifestyle, beginning by 9 and 12. And then, 4, a good breakfast !

    1. BTW, I was writing them down, and then I noticed… There is no 13 !

      1. I wonder if that’s to avoid an unlucky 13?! Love it 🙂