For our travel themed month, it’s been quite the task to narrow down our favorite international homes. There are just so many that have us lusting for an escape to a far off place. This South African stunner is no exception.


Located in Cape Town, this pristine white space is exactly the getaway home I dream of. I love that both the interiors and exteriors are a seamless floor-to-ceiling bright white. The Santorini-esque feeling is calming and invigorating at the same time and I can’t get enough of it! Place me right there on that lofted lounger and I’m in heaven.


My favorite part of this house is the bedroom. You know I love a well-made bed. The warmth that the wooden platform bed brings to the all white room is enough to never leave it. I really like how they styled it with a simple gray duvet and a stack of yellow National Geographics on the side that could be used as a nightstand! I’d lay there and stare up at those gorgeous high ceilings for hours.


Making everything white tricks the eye – you can hardly tell where one space ends and another one begins. Thanks to the mirror, you can see that the tub is in the same space as the bedroom. With a contrasting black wood stove it looks like the perfect place to enjoy a long, well deserved bubble bath. Did you notice that the hardware is drilled right into the mirror just like our last┬áDesigner Files feature? Great minds…


If Cape Town homes look like this, sign me up. It just might be my perfect excuse to finally explore some of South Africa! Has anyone gone? I’ve heard it’s life changing.

images via Vartnya Hem // photography by Warren Heath

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  1. I’m obsessed with the dining table, does anyone know what it is?

  2. Where is the white/wood table from? It’s gorgeous!

  3. This house exemplifies what Cape Town living is all about – laid back and relaxed! After 5years of living in and loving Cape Town – I sadly had to leave it behind to move to the City of Gold, Johannesburg. If ever you do get a chance – be sure to visit SA. Cape Town and the route through the Overberg towards the Garden Route is a must! You will be tempted to buy seeing as most currencies are far stronger than the SA Rand ­čÖé

    Thanks for all the inspirational posts!

    PS. the dining room table is from LIM (lovely shop in trendy Kloofstreet CPT). go look at – I am sure they can courier ­čÖé

  4. Oh wow, so white and bright, I love the brown furniture. Everything falls into place perfectly