Phew. After nearly two straight weeks on the road, I am SO happy to be back in San Francisco and sleeping in my own bed this weekend. I thought summer was supposed to take on a leisurely pace, but instead, it only feels like the rat race is more intense than ever.

I have this bad habit of working. And working and working. Really, you kinda have to pry my computer/phone/iPad out of my hands. It comes with the blogging territory as I’m sure many of you fellow bloggers can attest. When you’re trying to build a business, all its successes {and all its potential failures!} rest on your shoulders so that whole balance thing can quickly go out the window. But ultimately, your business is not going to keep you warm at night. It’s not going to take you out to delicious dinner or surprise you with nice bottle of wine at the end of the week.

This quote was just the reminder I needed to slow the f*** down.


So while I’m all for working exceptionally hard and reaching for those lofty goals, I appreciate the reminder to enjoy the here and now. I will definitely be taking time to enjoy the moment at the Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z concert in San Francisco tonight! It’s going to be fun to let my 14-year old self out to play!!

~ I’m so happy to finally be home for a weekend and get to eat in! This looks like the perfect way to kick off a home cooked meal.

~ Victoria has convinced me that I need to finally explore the East Bay!

~ I’d love to figure out how to bring some copper details into the loft. This is a great one!

~ Has our travel month given you the wanderlust bug yet?! If not, this blog will!

~ Have you seen the sneak peek of the latest Anthology Magazine? The art themed issue looks stunning!

~ I’ve so wanted to start a supper club, but I don’t think it could live up to this. 

~ Everything is on sale right now, including my Luvocracy shop! Enjoy free shipping all weekend long.

And there were a few pretty cool things around here you might have missed:

~ Three Babes Bake taught us how to cook a mighty fine pie

~ I’m feeling the need to refresh the loft and am currently crushing on copper accents

~ If you’re looking for fabulous vintage furniture in San Francisco, you need to check this out!

~ Style Me Pretty showcased my wedding tabletop design for White Label

~ And look Ma’ I’m on!

images via mayiet and quote via anamu here

What do you think?

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  1. Hello! Did you make this graphic? I absolutely love it. I was about to post it on my personal blog but I realized I don’t know who to credit. I was going to credit via Apartment34 but I’d love to know who made it 🙂 Thanks!!

    1. I should clarify: the graphic with the quotation.

  2. Couldn’t agree more 🙂 We need to step back once in a while to take a break!

  3. A good reminder not to forget to enjoy the little pleasures of life (love the quote). Great links too, Erin! And congrats on the feature!