Today I’m letting you in on one of my best-kept San Francisco shopping secrets: a fabulous place for vintage furniture – Farnsworth! They specialize in post war mid-century design and have the best collection of classics and one-of-a-kind pieces. Farnsworth was yet another one of the awesome San Francisco shops that helped me pull off my Sunset designs.

I think the best rooms always have an antique or statement piece that adds some history and soul to the space. If you’re in San Francisco, this is the place to go for just that. I popped in recently to say hello to my friend, Jeff, and drool over his new inventory! Don’t worry, you can thank me later.


I went into Farnsworth looking for unique pieces that would be both eye catching and rich in design history and I found exactly that. For my Unplugged Den these Kip Stewart rope chairs flanked my ombre console and this iconic Gottschalk lounger was the star in one of my favorite vignettes in the room.

I’m obsessed with the design on these Rosewood “Z” Dining Chairs by Kai Kristiansen. The lines are so sculptural and smart, with a slight pivot on the backs to adjust to the person sitting in them. They have to be some of the best mid-century beauties I’ve seen in awhile.


Farnsworth only keeps the most uniquely curated pieces of art and decor. Every time I come in, there’s a new leather farm animal, perfectly worn, that are actually foot rests and they’re incredibly awesome! I feel a collection coming on.


One of my favorite things about this store are all the architectural lines on each piece of furniture. It’s rare that pieces made today look just as good, if not better from the backside, than the front! The steel rod x base on that butterfly leather chair by Pierre Paulin is just too good.


I love that our photographer snapped a pic of these chairs up top. I hadn’t even noticed them. They sum up Farnsworth’s uniqueness and playfulness perfectly!

original photography for apartment 34 by Emily Scott

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  1. oh those chairs!!!! and i love your bag! (vivier?) and i love seeing your casual outfits.