One of my favorite characteristics about lofts is the potential they harbor for amazing architectural details. I go crazy for industrial elements like exposed pipes and concrete floors, but one of my ultimate industrial crushes is brick walls! They scream urban living. The texture they add to a space is unbeatable–it’s built in decor!

Pinterest currently has me lusting over a fresh spin on this classic industrial detail. People are taking a paintbrush to their natural brick walls and painting them white! As you know, I’m obsessed with white and I’m loving the rustic-modern edge a bright white brick wall gives to a room.


I’m crossing my fingers that one of you is so lucky to have brick in your home. I’m here to convince you that you should paint it white. It’s going to make a world of difference in modernizing the space and I may or may not be trying to live vicariously through you!

See what else is inspiring us lately on Pinterest right here!

image 1 via HK Living // 2 via Design Collectors // 3 via LA Times // 4 via ZE Interiors // 5 via David Kohn // 6 via Fabrica 718 // 7 via Rue Magazine 

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  1. Swoon. I love it when a wall is so gorgeous you don’t even have to hang anything. Obsessed with exposed brick!


  2. I painted my fireplace white this past week and it looks amazing, the previous owners had painted it black. I cannot tell you what a positive difference a white fireplace makes against grey walls! So pretty! And it only took two coats!

    1. It was previously black?? Wow … I”m trying to imagine that! So glad you found the process easy–if I ever find myself in a place with bricks, I’m going to paint away!

  3. I had a brick fireplace in my last home (in Portland) and it totally brightened up the space when I painted it white. That’s when I learned a very important lesson: brick primer is your friend! Love all these spaces — they’re kind of making me wish I had more brick to paint here. Maybe the next house!

  4. Everything is calm in white and a bit of black and then you have those bed covers all colored, I love it!