Much like blogging, pinning has changed our world. Just as much time as we spend reading blogs we love, we spend on Pinterest discovering new things that inspire us. So, we wanted to share the pinners who we find most note-worthy with you! They have curated boards to perfection and continue to bring us new and inspiring images from around the world!

First up is Carolina from Barcelona. Carolina has monochromatic pinning down to a science. With boards like Pistachio and Rosa she has carefully curated variants of neutrals that are so stunning {and yummy!} to look at. A little bohemian, a little modern and a lot of good!


Looking at Carolina’s pins are like being in a luscious neutral dream. She makes me aspire to maintain the monochromatic discipline that she has.

For more gorgeous inspiration, you can follow Carolina’s boards here!

all images via Pinterest 

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  1. Wow! Her boards are incredible. Can’t wait to sift through them all with a cup of tea this weekend!