Lately, we’ve been seeing a huge movement in photography all over Pinterest, specifically these massive oversized portraits. At first, admittedly, the idea of having a five foot faced stranger dominate your wall is a little unnerving. However, after viewing more and more portraiture in my Pinterest feed, you begin to appreciate the stature of the pieces and the expressions and emotions they conjure – fearing, frightening, or depressing as they may be.

This-is-Very-Pinteresting-Oversized-Portraits This-is-Very-Pinteresting-Oversized-Portraits-3

To add to the interest, I’m intrigued at all of the different and unlikely places to put such a giant piece or art: in the hallway, staircase, leaning on the floor, above the bed.


In terms of my own home, I would love to put up a huge portrait of a known celebrity or rock star in a more vulnerable and human-like state, like the piece above of Bob Dylan. Although, I’ve never personally met Bob Dylan, there is a certain familiarity to him and his songs that I can connect to. Whereas the others, although, strangely beautiful, seem like cold and spooky strangers who wouldn’t necessarily make it onto my bedroom wall!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this type of photography. It racks so many different types of emotions, and of course, everyone has an opinion on art!

Curious as to what other finds we are seeing all over Pinterest? Be sure to check out more of the This is Very Pinteresting series here.

image 1 via Elle Decor // 2 via // 3 via // 4 via // 5 via // 6 via // 7 via Elle Decor

What do you think?

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  1. Love the extremely large photos! They are so powerful and beautiful.

  2. I totally agree with you. I like the idea of putting up an over-sized portrait but I would also prefer that it is of some famous person or maybe even better, family or friend. I could imagine perfectly a great portrait of my father hanging in the hallway, would be awesome! On the other hand I would not like to have it in my bedroom above the bed, that seems a little bit intimidating to me.

  3. Very cool, I love the tone it sets in the entire room, question is, whose portrait would you hang up there?