Art can be an intimidating part of home decor. But if you realize there really are no rules and you can simply have fun with it – suddenly the pressure melts away. We’ve dug up a wonderful example of how to do exactly that. It’s no mystery why homeowners Ara Katz and Chris Ovitz are addicted to filling their Venice, CA home with pieces of art. The masterpieces steal the show, popping off the sun-drenched white walls in the light and airy space.

The expertly curated design choices and impeccable taste that these two display has us dying for more in today’s Designer Files!


The best way to display artwork is to keep it at eye level. You’ll notice in this house the horizon line of all of the artwork is pretty low. Just like in a gallery space, the art is your focal point, This placement ensures that you see the masterpiece in its entirety and makes it the perfect dinner party conversation starter! I love how the poster in the kitchen is hung just below counter level.


In the living room, Ara designed the sectional sofa and coffee table herself. Despite what most people think, designing a custom piece for your space can be pretty affordable {check out this process!}, especially when considering you’re making something that no one else has. It allows you to create a piece that truly fits your lifestyle and also fits perfectly into your space! {I would just wait to do any custome pieces until you know you’re not moving for awhile!}.


We love that no wall goes without art in this house, yet, it doesn’t seem over crowded or busy. The key is to paint walls white and stay consistent with style and framing. I’d say everything in this house is modern and abstract with mostly thin black or white frames. Insider tip: when you’re in between finding art pieces, use mirrors as ways to trick the eye into thinking you’ve doubled your collection!


We love how this gallery wall fills up the entire room. It’s the ultimate inspiration wall! Don’t be afraid to hang art all the way to the floor, or even lean art on the floor like they’ve done in their bedroom! Notice the diagonal, stair-step effect the art is taking {you can really see it all the way to the right!}? Forget grids or a central focal point, this is one of the easiest ways to hang a gallery and keep it looking structured.


Despite the modern architecture and design of the home, it feels warm, casual and livable not to mention, inspiring!

I’m ready to move in and if you are too, be sure to see the full house tour here.

images via Billie // photography by Matthew Williams

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  1. What an inspiring home! All the art pieces are so well displayed in such a creative way. Love it! And the art work in the kitchen simply transforms the space.