Let’s talk about the power of positive thinking. No, this isn’t an attempt to start a career as a motivational speaker. But as life only seems to get more crazy, I’m really beginning to see the value of looking on the bright side. It’s too easy to slip into the trap of busy, to focus on the stress, to get overwhelmed by the inbox and to plow through the to-do list letting the fun fall by the wayside. No more!

There are simple pleasures hidden in every day – no matter how jam-packed it might be. So as we hurtle headlong toward the holidays, I’m going making a point to think keep my thoughts on the sunny side of the street. To revel in all the little things I love. The first sip of your morning cappucino. An early evening walk with the dogs. A good glass of wine at the end of the day. Sleeping in on the weekends like a teenager, new episodes of Scandal making a homemade meal. You can always find something to smile about!

So this weekend, I hope you indulge in all the things you love and that your grin stays firmly planted on you face come Monday! Here are some things I’m pretty postive will make you smile no matter what kind of mood you’re in:

~ I’m SO jealous of everyone who lives in LA and can attend this event at Urbanic Paper Boutique next week!

~ With every new season I want to start a new reading list {aim high right?}. Which of these would you pick up this weekend? 

~ Speaking of LA, nobody experiences it quite like Will.

Bri found the coolest place to stay in Stockholm, pretty much ever! Wanderlust in full effect.

~ By now you know Domino Magazine is back. Have you got a chance to peruse their site?

~ I can’t say that I’ve ever done this on purpose, but what do you think of the idea?

Till Monday my dears!!

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What do you think?

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  1. That dog is one cool cat! And the positivity quote by Roald Dahl is so lovely. Happy weekend!

  2. I love the Roald Dahl quote, it is rather inspiring. Also who knew Alexa Chung had written a book? Not me, i’ll definitely be picking that one up! x