We’re keeping today’s art focus going with an all new Idea to Steal! Am I the only one, or does it seem like it can take forever to figure out how to hang your art? Sizing and proportions are really important when it comes to how and where to place your pieces. It’s kind of like a home decor game of tetris.

I say, skip the battle {at least for smaller prints!} and rest your art in an unlikely place: on your moldings!.


I’m a big fan of the casual ease of a leaned piece of art. I often layer a few pieces along the floor of a hallway as well as in my office, but if you’re lucky enough to have beautiful moldings in your home, why not draw extra attention to them! It’s the perfect way to fill some empty space at the same time. I’d love to create a whole gallery wall with leaned art as my bottom row!

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image via Pure Love

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  1. Where is this Creativity print from? I love the font, it’s gorgeous!