As the rise of the boy-meets-girl fashion trend hits its peak, Mango has stepped up its lookbook, showcasing powerful women in men-inspired uniforms. The Mad Men sexy secretary has paved the way for the equally intoxicating in-charge woman of the workplace. She dons oversized blazers, slouchy pinstripe trousers and loose button up shirts.

Ladies, it looks like a new boss is in town and she looks good!


Oh how that houndstooth jacket is calling to me! And that faux-fur snood…mmm, mmm good….


get your shop on: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

There are some things to keep in mind when taking a page from the boys. First, be a bit finicky about your fit. You can easily go from optimally oversized to a frumpish look in no time flat.

Second, remember the roll! Rolling or cuffing pants and sleeves instantly recovers you from the drowning-in-fabric effect. This is one of my go-to styling tips as it also adds a little skin in all of the right suggestive places!

Finally – layer it up! The magic of threes works just as well with your wardrobe as it does with your bookcase. When you add a third piece your outfit goes from looking ok to ohhh hey! This blazer is the perfect topper to pair with trousers and a tee {and it’s a great price!}!

I could easily add two or three {or seven!} pieces from Mango’s new collection to my closet. What do you have your eye on??

images via Fashion Gone Rogue

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  1. i have my eye on their coats. love the menswear style overcoat – looks so chic with a pair of heels. xx A

  2. Love this post, Mango’s winter collection is so good! You can never go wrong with menswear

  3. I love adding an androgynous feel to my work wear. Working in finance, it’s always fun to wear the pants just as good as the men do, yet in a feminine and fashionable way so I can pretend I work at Vogue.

    The blazer with the knit trim is amazing! I would totally rock that look, with a pop of color! Will definitely be looking for that during my next trip to Westfield.