I have a serious thing for coffee shops. They’ve been my happy place since college – I literally could hang out happily all day. But I love particularly pretty coffee shops even more. A few weeks ago we stumbled upon the cutest coffee shop in the San Francisco neighborhood of North Beach, called Beacon Coffee and Pantry. I was immediately smitten. I mean, just look at it – how could you not be?!


After walking in, we discovered that Beacon is not only a beautifully designed spot where you can enjoy a great cup of jo, but also a specialty market with a pantry stocked full of select local artisanal products. There was a lot of prettiness to look at {including a live green wall!} and let’s just say we stayed past our allotted coffee break time- oops!

We were excited to find out that Beacon serves yummy Sightglass coffee, a local roaster here in San Francisco, who has managed to find the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. It was a hot Indian Summer day in the city, so I ordered an iced coffee and of course it was served in a cute mason jar!


We found the perfect little corner to sit and watch the coffee being made and obsess over the design choices in the space. From the white industrial pendants, to the white subway tile {fave!} and open shelving everything felt clean, modern and collected. It certainly made us feel right at home. We later found out that one of the owners, Alexis, laser cut the menu board, painted the Beacon banner and crafted the live wall- talk about hands-on and not to mention, impressive!


While we do love us some coffee, we also pride ourselves in being self-proclaimed foodies {aka we like to eat good food!} There was no way we were leaving without shopping the pantry. They have such the assortment: jams, pickles, pastas, sauces, oils, chocolates and snacks. There are even some other goodies like handmade cutting boards, soaps and candles. Everything is beautifully packaged and so fun to go through!

If you ever need a change of scenery from your go-to spot or perhaps you’d like to work out of a cafe for the day, try grabbing a seat at Beacon. The place is so bright and inspiring and we just heard that they started serving sandwiches and a daily salad as well!

Looks like we’ll be making another coffee break there soon!

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original photography for apartment 34 by Emily Scott 

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  1. Adorable! Even though I don’t drink coffee , there are a dozen other reasons to go there ! Will visit soon!!!

  2. So cute! I could stay there all day 🙂 Looks like there is a lot of attention to detail in their space and their coffees.

    xo Brooke | honestly, b.

  3. I live around the corner from here and try to not make my own coffee from home but rather visit Beacon. The ambiance is serene and allows a peaceful state of mind alongside the zing from their coffee. I enjoy the simplicity inside, good tunes and friendly service. Makes a great place to study or zone-out!

  4. As great as the coffee looks, I LOVE YOUR WATCH. What is it?