Just hearing the words persimmon and chocolate create instant cravings for something sweet and decadent, spicy and rich. While I’d love to take my tastebuds for a roller coaster ride of yum at the nearest chocolatier {have any sweet recs in Sydney?}, I’ll have to just allow my eyes to do the feasting!

I love it when beautiful images just come together so seamlessly. It’s almost as smooth as a delightful piece of chocolate or in this case, a crisp, pleated leather maxi skirt, coconut and almond sprinkled donut holes, graffitied dining room walls and a chocolatey good tote bag!


Oh, these images make me so happy. As I hope they do you! It’s the little things in life, isn’t it? I’m off to see what inspiration I can find in Melbourne today!!

image 1 via ArchiProducts // 2 via The Front Row View // 3 via Madewell // 4 via Joseph De Leo Photography 

What do you think?

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