Marriage is a tricky thing. I mean, I was warned, but three+ years into it now I can attest real work is involved. It’s not only involved, it’s essential. Like anything else in life, you’re only going to get out of it what you put in. I actually heard one of the best pieces of marriage advice from an unlikely and slightly embarrassing source! I once heard Will Smith say that he wakes up and makes the conscious decision everyday to be an active participant in his marriage and be a good husband {and yes, this was on Oprah}. But I think his words are so true!

I”m the first to admit it can be a little hard to keep things interesting. Maintaining a good relationship means doing things together, but it can be a little hard to come up with something new to do! Thankfully, there are people out there who can help you with that!

A few weeks ago, I signed Chris and I up for Pickling 101. Yes, pickle making. It was taught at Workshop, a local San Francisco skillshare studio whose motto is “drink beer and make stuff.” Love it {although I subbed wine for beer!!}.


Now, I did not come up with this datenight idea by myself. I discovered it via this cool new service called HowAboutWe for Couples, a site that helps people fall in love and stay in love. HowAboutWe started out as an online dating site for singles, but now has expanded the service for couples – offering up tons of really cool and most importantly creative, out of the box date ideas!


So instead of spending a Friday night crashed out on the couch with takeout and a movie we got to picklin’! It was fun to be in a class with other people and discover a new, really easy to do skill. We had a ball trying to come up with our own pickle recipes and went home with four lovely jars of our very own homemade pickles. We just recently popped them open for a taste test and must say we felt quite proud of ourselves! They were actually good!!

howboutwe-date-1-2 howboutwe-date-1-3howboutwe-date-1-4

Sharing unique experiences with your special someone is such an important part of keeping a relationship in great shape, and having something like HowAboutWe certainly helps! I love that signing up is free, the dates are super unique and fun, and all the details are taken care of beforehand. It’s the perfect way to get at least one creative date night a month on the calendar! I’ve already got my eye on more things to try like sailing in the San Francisco Bay,whiskey flights and meatballs, and an empanada and wine tasting class. 

Since we so enjoyed our HowAboutWe date, I wanted to pass the opportunity to try one along to you as well. The folks over at HowAboutWe are kindly offering my readers $50 OFF on your first date booking. Like I said, sign up is free and you can browse through their curated collection of activities. Please note, HowAboutWe for Couples is only in the Bay Area, NYC, Chicago, and Seattle for now, but they’re expanding quickly! You can register now and be alerted when they launch in your city. I know I’m already looking forward to our next date!!

I want to thank HowAboutWe for giving us such a fun night out – I can’t wait to see what we experience next. 🙂

original photography for apartment 34 by Emily Scott

This post is kindly sponsored by HowAboutWeAll opinions are my own. Click here for your $50 off on your first date (promo applies to new members only and offer expires 12/31/13). Thanks for supporting posts that keep Apartment 34’s doors open. Happy dating! 

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  1. What a great post. I can’t believe Will Smith had such a good quote about marriage. It is so true though! Can’t wait to try out some of their SF dates, I had registered long before they decided to add the Bay Area.

  2. I recently discovered HowAboutWe for couples and I love that they have such great ideas for a date! I love this idea of a Pickling class! They have one similar here near me in Brooklyn, I might have to sign my bf and I up for it!

  3. This is awesome! Definitely trying it out – thanks for the head’s up! 🙂