Well January, while you certainly weren’t slow, I didn’t feel like you went by in quite the blur that most of 2013 did. So I’m going to call that a win! One of my goals for 2014 was to feel less rushed and I think I’ve made a modicum of progress. Sadly, I won’t be doing myself any favors – I’m heading to NYC next week! It’s impossible not to feel like you’re part of a mad dash in that city – especially during New York Fashion Week! Now…how does one look fabulous running around the big city in 20 degree weather??

That is the fashion dilemma I’ll be attempting to solve this weekend. Do let me know if you have any tips! Of course, I’ve also gathered some fun tidbits for you to enjoy!


1. Finding inspiration to get work done at home can be difficult- these tips and a little glass of vino never stopped the creative juices from flowing!

2. One of our favorite brands {ever!} just introduced they’ll be adding bags to their Spring collection and I’m obsessing over this one!

3. I finally understand the utility of Pinterest Maps and I’m SO going to use this when I’m in New York next week.

4. If you loved our Gluten Free Dessert Series then you’ll love this guide to healthy eating.

5. Interested in learning how to incorporate video into your blog? Then you’ll want to take this¬†class all about building that illlusive skill – on-camera presence – with me!

6. Never kill a succulent ever again- can this be true? Learn how to save your green friends with this gardening technique.

7. Love the direction this French brand is taking fashion- no models needed to shoot their lookbook, just some of their best friends!

8. Anyone else hate the new iOS calendar? This app will save your mind and schedule!

9. Forget the drama at home and bring it to the streets with this fun street style series!

And in case you need to catch up with things around here:

~ We whipped up the prettiest dessert you ever did see. And it’s pretty healthy too!

~ We shared our favorite new blog discoveries

~ And great news – Bradamant is offering you an exclusvie 35% OFF when you shop at their online store. Just use the code APT34Saves35. It’s the perfect time to add a classic top {that never comes untucked!} to your wardrobe.

What do you think?

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  1. I think I am following you around! I will be in NYC next week as well! First SLC and now NYC. I wish I was going to Fashion Week though!