A lot of people ask me about my shopping habits. I’m regularly asked about how I pick out the perfect piece. I’ve long been a champion for buying less and buying the very best you can afford. This applies to all aspects of life, from home decor to fashion, but I find it much harder to practice what I preach with clothes. The cheap thrill is a constant temptation! But did you know you actually wear way more of what’s in your wardrobe when you have fewer pieces? You can churn through twenty $10 t-shirts in a few months or save up for that one classic item that you’ll wear season after season. While I love a new score as much as the next girl, I’m a firm believer in the “buy better, not more” mantra {I’m going to do my best to be strict about it for 2014!}.

Case in point: the sweater. A killer sweater is a winter must-have. That’s certainly not news. But rather than snag the trendiest piece, if you invest in a classic, well-made, beautifully cut knit you will wear it {and love it!} year, after year, after year. I currently have my sights set on this Helmut Lang beaut.


This lovely alpaca & silk sweater is in a classically chic light gray and has a slightly fashion-forward cut. The asymmetrical ribbing is super flattering and I’m always a sucker for a dropped shoulder. It gives you a casual-cool air. I’d ruche those sleeves up toward the elbows & even rock a collared shirt underneath for a fun little pop. Note, unlike most cotton sweaters this one will also actually keep you warm and not lose its shape over time.

So instead of succumbing to trends that’ll come and go {think neon, jewels on sweaters & the like!}, a piece like this will stand the test of time. That’s what I call well worth it.

PS: this sweater is ON SALE. Act fast to scoop it up HERE, HERE or HERE. I also really like this alternative by Vince, this Rag & Bone version or this sweater by ALC – also on sale!!

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I’ll be sharing more “Worth It” items in the coming weeks. Are there any categories {furniture, kitchen items, apparel or accessories that you’re particularly interested in?}. Leave a comment or feel free to email me at [email protected]!

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  1. I’ve definitely adopted the buy better, buy less approach. I love having beautiful, well made pieces in my closet, rather than having a closet packed with junk. Thanks for the links, love Helmut Lang.

  2. Oh, yes, I am all about ‘less is more.’ I’d rather have amazing quality pieces I love than a ton of ‘meh’ items that I feel so, so about. I wish that was a lesson I learned a long time ago…

  3. LOVE this concept! i’ve love to see a great jacket to invest in..something for spring! xo

  4. Love this concept – thank you! Classic sweaters, jackets and shoes are the way to go (and if you find the perfect tee-shirt please do share!)!

  5. I’m a full believer in this method. I also think it’s important that you really love whatever it is you’re purchasing. If you keep these guidelines when making purchases you’ll really narrow down how much you spend.

  6. I’m a seamstress, but I take this same philosophy when creating pieces. Many sewists pick up the hobby so that they can make clothing that lasts and fits, but they chose crappy fabric and notions, and their garments end up unworn. If I have the skill to make something that will fit my body exactly, I’m going to go the whole nine yards and spend more money on quality fabric and trims. It might take me longer to complete projects because I have to save up, but the end result is better. My best and most worn pieces in my wardrobe are me-made.

    Great series!

    1. Wow, I’m thoroughly impressed! You’re taking this concept to the next level–applause all around!

  7. LOVE this concept – I try to live by it too but am most likely to fail when it comes to clothes. Will look forward to future posts. My most “worth it” purchases have been a Chloe overnight bag, Rag & Bone ankle boots, Frederique Constant watch, Burberry trench, lots of Banjo & Matilda cashmere, KitchenAid mixer, Eames rocking chair and ‘proper’ art from all over the place. I love each and every piece.

  8. i am ALMOST done with a year long shopping ban that i set out on last year to purge all that has come from my buying so much cheap / fast fashion : debt and a closet teeming with shoddily made items i don’t really care for. as i come to the end of this ban i decided to make ‘quality over quantity’ my new mantra and have vowed to only purchase ethically made items from now on, and to support indie designers. i even changed the focus of my blog this year to that very subject because i think it’s so important. hurrah for another voice in the fray championing better over more!