Some people like to dismiss fashion as frivolous, but your personal style can have a lot of power! A mood can be lifted, shifted or turned totally upside down simply based on what you decide to wear. But how often do you say to yourself, but “I can’t wear that!” Sure, palazzo pants are not intended to flatter every body shape, but neither your frame nor stature must rigidly dictate your style. Experiment! Have fun! Try someone else’s world on for awhile. You’d be amazed how it makes you feel.

Take me, for example. I recently decided to kick my 4-inch heel loving self to the curb to try a more casual easy kind of vibe – and I loved it!apt34-ONTomboyStyle-3Apt34-ONTomBoy-1284apt34-ONTomboystyle6

I traded my Brian Attwood’s for classic Chuck Taylors. My skinnies sat this one out in favor a baggier, patched pair of boyfriend jeans. And I put a literal spin on the tomboy inspiration by wearing a sweatshirt plucked straight from the boys section {secret – just order an extra large & you save a ton!}.


And how did it feel, ditching my signature power heels? Actually fabulous. I felt cool. I still felt powerful. In fact, I felt totally comfortable in my own skin {and great about the fact that I could walk anywhere}. While I’ve never stepped on a skateboard in my life, I was this close to asking if I could take one for a test ride. This close… 😉

Apt34-ONTomBoy-1462what i’m wearing: Old Navy distress-patched boyfriend jeans // Old Navy sweatshirt // zara peacoat {similar} // converse hightops // husband’s hat {similar on SALE!} // margaret elizabeth bangle // tokyo bay watch {similar} // own rings {similar}

While I may not turn into a full-on tomboy overnight, I’m happy to admit I’ve had my Converse and those boyfriend jeans on repeat all month. I’m excited I have a little something new to pull out of my style repertoire!

So what say you? With a new season almost upon us {yay!} are you willing to stretch your style profile?


original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick // nail art by pams and kin // wardrobe styling and art direction by erin hiemstra

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  1. absolutely love this shoot! i have been thinking about buying some chuck taylors for quite some time, definitely going to be taking the plunge now 🙂

  2. I like this look so much! It’s very cool! I’ve even Pin it and Tweet it 🙂