You know the feeling you get when you walk into a beautiful spa? That lovely, soothing sense of just…calm? The design of the space is bare and clean, there’s nothing to distract the eye, and all of the stresses of life just go away…

That is exactly the feeling that we got when we came across this stunning Swedish home. The idea of just having a few things in your home that you really, really love – fewer nicer thing s- couldn’t resonate more these days. The calming, sanctuary like quality of this home – where every little thing is treasured, is exactly why we love it!


You’ll notice there isn’t a whole lot of fuss going on. There are hides and ceramics to add interest and texture, but other than the warm wood tones of the table and chairs, most everything else is very neutral, simple and clean.

The grey, white and caramel color palette works great with the natural light and almost has that cozy cabin quality to it. We’re obsessed with all of the black and white photography and most of all, the wire grid on the office space! We might be onto something for our own office makeover…But for that you’ll have to stay tuned!

What’s your favorite element in the space?

styling by Pella Hedeby // photography by Kristofer Johnsson // pictures for JM 

What do you think?

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  1. Hello! I love reading your blog! I also fell in love with the Paris map print. Is there any way you can tell me where I can get one?

  2. Hi I also have been scouring the internet looking for the Paris print (or the New York version) any one have luck finding it?? Thanks!!