Yesterday we talked Southern Thailand and today we’re sharing a place that we wish could be kept “secret” forever: Bali! Everyone says it’s the ultimate paradise because well, it is. Bianca went on this trip with her best friend and collectively they’ve been to over 25 countries and they attest Bali was hands down the most breathtaking! We’re SO excited for B to share her amazing experiences with you! Take it away Bianca!

We stayed in the cultural center of the island, Ubud, and never wanted to leave! It’s full of cute boutiques, beautiful temples and most importantly, kind and beautiful people. For about $30 you can hire a driver for a full day and I would highly recommend it. A quick day excursion from the main part of town took us to some of the most out of this world creations of nature that we’ve laid eyes on. Our fave? The terraced rice paddies.


They are something out of this world. You can hike up and down their levels and enjoy lunch at the top. Actually, the above image was taken just outside the entrance to a restaurant! This spot was certainly off the beaten path and lusciously secluded. It  was breathtaking!


Now let’s keep it real – it was hot and sticky climbing those paddies- a quick refreshment at the top doesn’t do much for the soul, but what did keep me happy was that my favorite Pickwick & Weller tee that I was wearing never stretched out! It served me so well; as a great basic to pair with a traditional sarong while exploring temples {who knew?!}, straight into a no-fuss hiking staple and finally as a super chic, resort option, slipped on over a dress for a fancy night out. Talk about triple duty!


get the look: tee // dress // sweater // glasses // love these heels 

A secret to prolonging the life of your vacation wardrobe is to get creative! I wanted to switch up the dress since I had already worn it on the trip. Really, who wants to look back at pictures and notice the same dress over and over again? The sweater my friend wore on the plane, cinched me at the waist and added a bit of a sexy factor, taking my tee to a whole new level. Plus, the layering looked so on-trend without weighing me down!


On the day depicted above, we also hit the Elephant Temple, tons of small towns and the “temple by the sea.” Each were spectacular. For the temples, you’ll need to be in a traditional sarong which they have available outside the entrance in exchange for a small donation. And the temple by the sea is a must see as the sun is setting behind it!

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand, Bali or Singapore, I’ll be breaking down my entire trip in detail on my personal blog, A Fabulous Challenge, so you’ll want to follow along. And you DEFINITELY want to check back tomorrow because {without giving away too much!}, we have a gift for you!

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photography via Bianca Sotelo

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  1. I have to agree that skipping the southern beaches is the right move. Ubud is amazing, full of culture and those rice paddies-I couldn’t get enough! There are a couple tiny islands off of the southern coast that are worth a visit if you want an even sleepier and laid back time. I spent a few days on lembongan island where the main economy is seaweed farming!