Life is full of clutter. From the drunk drawer, to the inbox, to your Twitter feed – noise is coming at us from all directions, all the time. So how do we drown out the din and only pay attention to what really matters? I read this post about finding your flow this week and it really stuck in my mind. It’s so easy to get caught up in the external drive to accomplish, aquire and achieve “success.” When in reality, we really should focus on how to make time and space for what really matters {this is another great reminder to make room for important moments in life}.

One of the easiest ways to make space for the important stuff is to spring clean, literally. Out with the old, but no bringing in new! I loved this approach to a good cathartic purge: 


Fabulous. Heroic purpose. Check! I think a deep clean is just what the doctor ordered this weekend. I’m hoping a decluttered loft life will lead to the ideal of a settled, calm and open mind and heart!

But a weekend can’t be all work and no play! So we’ve rounded up nine things you cannot miss. Ok, ok, they might be more digital noise, but some are funny, some irrerverent, some helpful and some are just because… we just can’t help ourselves! I’ll let you guess which one…



1 > Celebs ruled our world this week. After finding out the devastating news of Gwynnie’s split, this video interview of our favorite Manhattanite made us smile BIG.

2 > Speaking of New York, we wish we were there to attend this cooking workshop and gorgeous supper! Tickets are still available- hurry!

3 > How to tie a scarf in the most chic {8!} ways possible- love this!

4 > Looking to update your home with a jolt of Spring? Do it with this new collection from none other than Brooklyn’s finest textile designer!

5 > Ikea’s new small space line hits stores next week and we already know need this super cute space saving shelf + hook!

6 > We may have found the most amazing sofa, everrrrr. Check that leather strap detail!

7 > Obsessed with this handmade, Cali-based jewelry line. J’dore!

8 > We HAVE to talk about this cover. Has Vogue lost all sartorial respect or has Kimye & the Kardashian clan proven their influence on the world of fashion?

9 > Chic sneakers are the new boyfriend jean- everyone needs a pair. We’re loving each of these hot picks!

If you missed things ’round here:

>> Ever wonder where we actually head to breakfast in San Francisco {yes, even when we’re not making a photo shoot out of it!}? Well, we share our fave neighborhood spot in our new Tasty Tuesday series, here!

>> You need one of these crazy-affordable art prints on your wall- asap.

>> And finally…


TODAY is the LAST DAY TO ENTER OUR WANDERLUST GIVEAWAY!!! Have you checked it out yet? There are some ah-mazing travel inspired prizes you don’t want to miss out on!


image by anindam choudhury for numero thailand 

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  1. I’m a little indifferent about the Kardashian Vogue cover… they’re literally everywhere right now and I just want to close my eyes until it’s over! I do guilty-pleasure watch every once in a while so I’m probably not helping. ha!

  2. great links! Loved that you included the scarf roundup I did for Kate’s blog xo Hopefully, we won’t be needing those tricks until next year though 🙂