Remember when you were little and played “model” in the mirror? Turning, posing, even strutting your stuff down the hallway, feather boa wrapped around your neck {please tell me I’m not the only one who did this?!}. Well anyway, working with Old Navy these last few months has totally been satisfying my inner model-wannabe. We’ve been having a ball coming up with cool looks and fun ways to share them with you.

This month proved to be the biggest challenge yet, as Old Navy asked me to play with prints! As a neutrals devotee, this definitely pushed me out of my fashion comfort zone, but to great effect {if I do say so myself!}. Now that spring is here and every day is getting brighter, what better excuse to inject a little energy into your wardrobe!


The first place to start is with your pants. I’ve been attempting to break my jeans addiction, well pretty much forever and I think this Pixie Pant may finally do it. Cropped {my favorite silhouette these days as it’s universally flattering on all body types}, stretchy and with a great fit, I’d gladly slip those babies on everyday {especially since they’re on sale for $25!!}. I may advocate for splurging on wise fashion investments, but I also know a great bargain when I see one!


shop the look: Old Navy Pixie Pant // JCrew Collection blouse // Asos button-down {similar} // Kate Spade Saturday sandals // Zara clutch // Margaret Elizabeth ring & bangle // Aerin lipstick

And when it came to picking my print I also started slow – with an easy to mix & match black and white pattern. This let’s you play with any color palette. I chose to mix in blues, purples and nudes, but you could also go really bold with greens, oranges or yellows if you were feeling brave! I’ve been banking more inspiration on my Street Styling Pinterest board here.


The other trick to print-mixing is scale. I chose to wear a large, oversized floral print top, in this case, a lovely JCrew Collection silk blouse, to balance the pant’s smaller graphic pattern. The shirt’s wider and longer silhouette also makes the pants feel even skinnier! Leg elongation was further achieved by rockin’ killer Saturday by Kate Spade sandals with the pyramid heel – my new favorite statement-making shoe shape for spring!


I can’t lie – it’s rather fun getting to play dress up and literally put on another persona for a day. It’s a great reminder that you can actually do that in real life.

Have a presentation you feel not quite ready for? A job interview that’s making you nervous? Maybe even a challenging conversation that you’re just not quite ready to have. Put on an outfit that makes you feel strong, powerful, large & in charge and you’d be amazing how your outward persona shifts – even if your insides might still be quaking.

While I might never actually be a model, I’m gonna just keep on fakin’ it. And that’s half the battle right there, isn’t it?!

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original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick // art direction + styling by Apartment 34

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    1. Get them before they’re sold out–which seems to happen a lot at Old Navy!

    1. Thanks Franki! Fun to hear from you. Crazy we’re still doing this all these yrs later, huh?!

    1. Tristan, you make me blush and I thank you for it!! xx