Ok life, what game are you trying to play here? You push, you pull. You give, you take. And all so fast I’m getting freakin’ dizzy!  I swear it used to feel simpler. Easier. Choices used to shine bright. They were like little bites of sweet candy. Now life likes to twist them into complicated mangles with sharp edges on all sides. I’d just rather pass right by! Hello mid-thirties, I see you creeping up on me and I don’t like it. Not one bit!

Yet, even with all the inner turmoil, the fact that one has a choice at all, about anything really, is a true luxury. Too many people have zero choice in the cards they were dealt. So even as life’s twists and turns attempt to tie me up in knots, I’m going to try to maintain perspective and keep the things that truly matter most top of mind. Time with family and good friends. We get to enjoy the company of friends from Portland this weekend and play tourist in SF – so really, how complicated can life really be?!

There were also many a fabulous thing happening around the web this week. We’ve gathered our can’t-miss links for you!



> Texans Go Big. The grandest sofa and rug you ever did see in this Texas home.

> Sweet Dreams. We’d cozy up in this bedroom and never leave!

> Dye-ing Over This Dress. We’re in love with this new bleach died collab!

Spring’s Hottest Statement. The April Fool’s joke we actually believed.

> Snack Less. Start your day off with this nutrition-filled breakfast!

> ‘Make Your Day’ Bouquets. A thoughtful DIY that’ll surely make anyone’s day.

> Surfs up! We recreated this shore-inspired sophisticated bedroom.

> Oui, Want. Garance’s paper collection launched and it’s très, très belle!

We’ve Got Issues. We’re obsessed with this month’s Rue!


Happy weekend friends!


image by anne street studios

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    1. I think after the winter our continent has experienced, we’re all looking forward to a spring full of flowers and sun!

  1. I couldn’t agree more – life can get so heavy! Its about time to shake it off and lighten our perspectives – it is a true luxury to have choices – your positivity is contagious!