I used to be the most focused person in the world. I could zero in on a task & knock it out in record time. I could sit peacefully and read for hours on end. Now, I feel like a ping pong ball being knocked back and forth from my keyboard to my phone, from that site to this article, from Twitter to Instagram to Pinterest and I’m never at my desk for more than hour. Something always needs checking, liking, responding, reacting…I think the internet {and life} has officially given me A.D.D!

Well, enough is enough. No longer am I going to let those 67 open tabs distract me {yes, that was actually how many I had open earlier this week}.┬áStarting this weekend I’m adopting the intention to take each moment, task and activity as they come and not move onto the next one until the first is completed. Thankfully, when you set such lofty goals and decide to start them on a weekend that means I’ll be “working”at lingering over cups of exceptional coffee. I will be striving for afternoon conversations to be long and deep. I’ll be forcing myself to maximize lazy, unrushed mornings. These are goals I’ll gladly sign up for. Sure, I do have a real project or two on my list, but I will do them quickly, efficiently and then move onto the next critical thing – deep, meditative relaxing. Sorry tabs, you’ll just have to wait until Monday before I will continue to channel my new zen-like mindset by closing each of you, one by one with an overly triumphant click!

However, if you have a bit of time to enjoy some weekend clicking, we’ve rounded up our favorite discoveries of the week to enjoy! Just don’t try to read them all at once.



> Kickstart Your Day + Night. Our favorite cafe is opening a restaurant!

> Put A Post-It On It. At your next party, hang this super-smart DIY on your walls.

> Wired. This furniture line has us completely hooked.

> Copper Obsession Continued. We want to make this SO bad.

> Gluten-Free and Delicious. A 3-seed cracker recipe for your next cheese platter!

> Design x Coffee Collide. 10 artful coffee drippers you’ll want to “add to cart!”

> Makeup-less Man Repeller. Why Leandra doesn’t wear makeup- a must read.

> A Home Tour for The Books. The colors in this house are gorgeous!

> Crazy for Coconuts. Everything you need to know about coconut oil.

PS: There will be a fun bonus giveaway launching tomorrow! So make a point of checking back in!!

image by a pair of pears

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  1. i feel the same way! sometimes its really hard for me to “shut down” at night and concentrate on sleeping! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    1. Sleep: it’s the most worthwhile thing in my book! have a great weekend, Jillian!!