Sidetables may not seem like the most exciting decor detail in the world, but I’m here to attest that you can pack a ton of personality into your bedroom with a well-styled sidetable! I’ve been particularly smitten with the non-traditional variety lately – aka different furniture repurposed for sidetable use!

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Apparently, I really like ladders. Every time I spy one used as furniture I just love it. I realize we already showcased a ladder here, but it wasn’t the actual focus of that steal-worthy idea. And I know we’re all well aware of the utility of the leaning ladder as a great space saver. But today, the old school ladder is taking center stage! I’m loving the look of it as a bedside table – there’s a spot for your book, a glass of water and best yet, it creates the perfect perch for a lamp. It’s a lovely way to add a little rustic chic to your boudoir.

apt34-idea to steal - sidetables

Then there’s the chair-as-sidetable option. I’m a sucker for a great character-filled chair. Something sleek like the Danish mid-century modern option above adds clean lines without feeling cold. A chair like that is a quick way to make a bedroom feel extra homey. And while I’ve never seen the vintage cart as sidetable before, I’m kinda into it! It adds a chic metallic accent and certainly provides plenty of surface area.

How about you? Do you have a favorite sidetable style? If you’re still looking for steal-worthy ideas you’d like to…ahem…borrow, click right here!


image 1: Stylist Pella Hedeby | Photographer Sara Danielsson via stil inspiration | image 2: debbie carlos for sight unseen | image 3: by unknown via pinterest

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  1. Side tables are arguably my favorite item to shop for! It definitely adds character and its “your little space” to keep all your favorite goodies you want within arms reach – chapstick, a good book – I love the metallic accent of the cart and a simple light fixture, I’m slowly turning into a minimalist!

    1. The minimalist look is the best for a bedside table–makes the resting area of the house so much more relaxing, as it should be!

    1. Isn’t it the easiest way to put that odd chair we all have to use? Love it!

  2. Oh, the ladder is interesting!
    Personally, I use a stack of books. I’m a voracious reader. Usually, reading in bed each night. When a book is done, it goes on the stack. Now, the stack is 3 books deep and …bed height. I love my little bedside table, because it reminds me to relax, and I love that it changes shape/height as my life goes on.

  3. Love these ideas! Another great trend is using a tree stump. It’s great for giving a rustic or country feel and you can paint them or leave them natural depending on your decor.