Ever since we witnessed this amazing crazy-bananas, off the charts art installation in Australia, to say we’ve been obsessed with jumbo knits would be a slight understatement. We’re mind-blown by the different wools, textures and weaves artists and new designers are using to make these works of art. So obsessed, we’ve looked into classes to learn this once embarrassing, ‘old woman’s hobby.’ Knitting is SO back and it’s better than eva!


How epic are these pieces?! That stool made by Claire Anne O’Brien is everything. Everything, we tell ‘ya. And we nearly shed a tear over our first image- that dress/throw/wearing of art/whatever it is {world’s greatest Snuggy?!} makes us want to quit our day jobs, rent a cabin for three months and sit there until we’ve completed a uber-jumbo knit throw. We can see it now…

But until that day {never!} comes, we’ll have to shop these designers’ incredible knitted pieces!



get your shop on: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 


So has becoming an extreme knitter just moved to the top of your dream professions list?? Us too! It’s stupid how good these pieces are. Any knitters out there willing to teach us your ways? We see a knitting sabbatical in our futures!

Curious to see whatelse we’re obsessing over these days? Consider this!


image 1 via Johan Ku // 2 via Claire Anne O’Brien // 3 via Christien Meindertsma // 4 via Nanna Van Blaaderen // 5 via Remodelista

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  1. THAT KATJA SWEATER! If it weren’t upwards of $600 I’d devise a way to make it work even in this warming weather. I’m guessing this means it’s still pretty cold in SF? Great post, excited by the existence of that knitted beanbag chair.

  2. what is that amazing knitted pillow/bed? Heaven! I want one, but I have the patience of a toddler when it comes to making things….so I better find one to buy. 🙂