Happy Monday, dears! This weekend was jam packed with adventures in Dallas: lunch dates, exploring downtown, catching up with friends and the inevitable, running through airports. While I’ve always been a die-hard heels advocate, certain body parts are starting to creak and cry for comfort! So, in attempts to look chic while still feeling comfortable while traveling, {as I was bound to run into the most fashionable bloggers as we all returned from a conference!} I slipped my feet into the trendy slip-on sneaker!


We’ve seen this trend everywhere. It certainly came on quickly! All of a sudden fashionistas were ditching last season’s running shoe trend for the old school skater slip-ons. From studded or quilted to metallic-toes and floral prints, the designs on these trendy sneaks keep on comin’! I bought a perforated white pair by Tory Burch that are most definitely on their way to Greece with me!


But the revamped, let’s be real, Van’s design, still has me unsure of their fashion prowess. So we come to you, our trusty readers. All opinions from last week’s mules debate were taken into consideration and it looks like the backless shoes are, indeed, back! It’s now time to weigh this second foot trend. To slip-on or slip-off?!

SLIP-ON-SNEAKERSget your shop on: 1 Vince // 2 Miu Miu // 3 Jcrew // 4 Lavnin // 5 Vince // 6 Joie

Cast your vote! Have you gone for the “It” shoe of the season or are you holding out on this wildfire trend?

image 1 & 2 via French Voguettes // 3 via Fashionvibe // 4 via Could I Have That

What do you think?

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  1. I admit that I’m holding out. As much as I’d love a pair of sliders, I have a pair of black classic Vans and I know I’ll want open-toe sneakers when summer heat sets in full-tilt. But who knows, there might be a pair of sliders out there that steal my heart…


  2. I LOVE slip ons! I would have loads more if more brands started doing them in smaller sizes because my feet are tiny!

    1. Let’s hope this trend takes over, and you’ll be seeing more options everywhere!

  3. Love the slip-on look! I wear my leopard-print Steve Maddens way too often, but they add just the right edge to all outfits, even ones as simple as distressed skinnies and a sweater.

  4. I’ve practically lived in Vans slip-ons for years. I love that they’re finally “in style” now but they have always been stylish, they don’t kneed no fashion people to prove it.

    In fact I just got a pair of leopard Vans for my birthday – actually they are not slip-ons, just their tie-ups but the affect in an outfit is the same. Go for comfort first, otherwise you are just a slave to fashion and that’s super boring. Style is far more interesting than being fashionable and completely possible in comfort.

  5. I like Vans, but I never feel like the big white bumper looks good on me. For me a good alternative is an espadrille. Lately, I really like the ones with a metallic sheen. Recently, I bought a cross between an espadrille and a van, light black suede – and they even have a little patent piping around the outer edge…and a pointier toe which i love because it’s so slimming… I should have bought 10 pairs!