You’re not that girl. Yeah, you. Sadly, you’re not that girl who got to take a vacation to Ibiza this summer. Or the girl who just so happened to walk into the office today after two weeks in Hawaii {the nerve!} looking like a golden goddess (if you do happen to be that girl a.) where do you work and b.) are you hiring??). But seriously, it can often feel like everyone has some fun-in-the-sun-time scheduled, but you. Yeah, feel sorry for yourself. It sucks – especially when people are jetsetting to Bali, the South of France, or just going to Mykonos for a week {*cough* Erin!}. Ugh.

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But quite honestly, yes the girl who just got back from vacation looks AH-mazing – but it’s pretty much no longer cool {although it slightly still is!} to sit out in the sun all day and get baked. Skin baked, that is. Because the skin cancer that you’re bound to get later in life is really not worth that bronzy complexion that will fade in only a few weeks time. It’s not worth it at all, especially when you have beauty products that can give you that beach babe look in no time!

So, if you’re like us, sitting there with no vacation in sight, don’t let the beach goddesses show you up. Grab these glowy, dewy, beachy, glistening beauty products and you’ll be all of the above come tomorrow morning’s meeting!


Get Your Shop On:

> Love + Salt Beach and Body Mist
> Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser
> Yves Saint Laurent Shocking Mascara
> NARS “Orgasm” Nail Polish
> Clinique Sun Protection Stick
> Margiela ‘Replica’ Beach Walk
> James Read Wash Off Tan
> Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Palette
> Prospector Co. Leg Shave


A couple things to note:

> Obsesesed with Maison Martin Margiela’s “Beach Walk” perfume. It smells like the cotton candy side of the boardwalk, not the part that is infested by seaweed. Amazing!

> Love + Salt Beach Hair Mist is so perfect for that “I just stepped out of the ocean” look. It scruffs up your perfect curls just a bit for a whole lot of sexy!

> Self tanner: some people are against it and they’re clearly the ones who haven’t tried this Wash Off Tan by James Read. I’m telling you, self tanner = a game changer.

> Eye shadow isn’t normally in our daily repertoire, but we’re loving the glittery shades of this Bobbi Brown Surf and Sand palette. Go all the way with the sexy-vacay look and take take things from “bow” to BOW CHICKA WOW WOW.

These beach-worth beauty products definitely get us excited! You mean we don’t actually have to book a $2000 plane ticket to look refreshed?? We’re in. But if you DO happen to have an extra ticket to Ibiza, we’re in on that too. —Bianca

image via Vogue Russia 

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