This may be Apartment 34’s year of travel, but after eight straight weekends on the road I cannot even begin to tell you how good my very own bed looks right now! Sure, I’ve now become the uber queen of packing my favorite weekender, but if I have to take my shoes off at security one more time….serenity now! This weekend I am going to revel in all those routines I’ve so missed; trips to the farmer’s market, actually making a homemade meal, taking a long walk around my neighborhood the pups. I hope the next 48 hours feel like 48 years.

How are you going to spend the next to last weekend of summer?? We’ve gathered a few fun links to help ya stay busy, or at least entertained if you’re staying home and doing absolutely nothing at all.

> SO making this gluten free granola Saturday morning

> Feeling inspired by this.

> Look chic from 9 to 5 in this.

> And in this {I’m SO in trouble when the collection arrives next week!}

> The beauty of this is unbeetable.

> I’m not usually a palm print person but this has me reconsidering

> If you liked our surfboard decor then you’re gonna love this house

> This touched our hearts.

> This made us laugh.

> This is just the reminder we needed right now.

So run, frolic, go and enjoy these final fleeting summer moments for me – cuz I’ll be in my bed! –Erin

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