Summer is usually billed as the “slow season,” but in my experience it always feels quite the opposite. The days, weeks and summer months fly by, jam packed with trips or hosting visitors. Summer weekends are reserved for making the most of your time outside, running around and soaking in vitamin D along the way. Don’t get me wrong, I tend to thrive on that frenetic pace, but now that Fall is upon us, I’m eager to a take a different approach. I want to preserve these weekends. Rather than stacking them full of endless activity, I think Fall weekends should consist of nothing but lazy mornings of coffee & magazines {preferrably in bed!}, leisurely strolls through the farmers market once the chill has worn off, starting a good book in the afternoon. Maybe never getting out of your pajamas! With some seriously major projects on the horizon {spoiler – details on one of our biggest EVER is coming Monday!!}, I most definitely am going to revel in unscheduled hours for the next two days. I just might make pancakes!

Here are a few pretty rockin’ things that caught our attention this week! How are you planning to ring in the first day of Fall?

> Barney’s New York x my ultimate street style icon Yasmine Sewell?? I just died over this capsule collection!

> Whoa. Have you ever grilled romaine for a salad? You will after seeing this recipe!

> Our favorite Helsinki-based designer has outdone herself again with this restaurant.

> Obsessed with this editorial. It’s clear, jeans are in our genes.

> Women, never been a huge fan of whiskey? This might change your mind.

> This lady just keeps on doin’ it and doin’ it well. Obsessed with this new fall collection!

> We’ll move to Australia tomorrow if we can live in this house!

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  1. Relax… can’t wait for the Monday column. .. ps peanut butter and syrup on.pancakes?

  2. Such a peaceful picture!
    Thanks for sharing all that!