The world of makeup can be an intimidating {and expensive!} thing to experiment with. But with the obvious traps also come the rut you never want to find yourself in: sticking to the “same face you’ve been wearing for years.” B-lining to the makeup counter, only to ask for your memorized shade of foundation in hopes of being “introduced” to a new product shouldn’t be the only time you think about your makeup routine. It’s not just a necessity to cover those dang under eye circles. Even for a novice, makeup CAN be fun. But you needn’t go far from the safety of shore. We’re obsessed with this super subtle yet equally enticing fall palette!


Fall is all about going ever so slightly moodier with your makeup. But there’s no need to channel a pagent contestant. You can transition your makeup routine by easily going a shade or two deeper into the rose family. Deep rose hues pick up the gorgeous pigment in your skin that picked up over summer and can look stunning on every skin tone. Smudging a subtle cherry-brown eyeshadow under your lower lashes and adding a toastier metallic on the lid instantly gives you that bit of drama you need.

You’ll also notice, eyebrows are probably the most important element to this look. Allow them to get a little thicker and more natural! The rule less is more does not apply here- hide your tweezers, but tame unruliness with this clear wax brow pencil. It’s sure to be your weapon of choice all season long! Finishing your face with a light rose lipstick and barely there mauve cheek is what we’re calling THE face du jour. With just a few additions to your makeup bag, you’re going to have totally refreshed face this season!


We’re obsessed with this rose inspired makeup palette! It makes us want to head straight to the makeup counter and stay a while! What about you? We dare you to try something new!!

Get Your Shop On:

> Laura Mercier ‘Second Cheek’ in Heather Pink
> Aerin Beauty Lipstick in Perfect Nude
> Anastasia ‘Brow Fix’ Clear Wax Pencil 
> Bobbi Brown ‘Raw Sugar’ Illuminating Bronzing Powder
> Bronze and Gold Eye Shadow 


image 1 via // 2 via Harper’s Bazaar 

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  1. I grew out my eyebrows and it was the best decision I ever made. Love your picks here!

  2. Gorgeous face. I agree, thick brows. I’ve had them my entire life and prefer it.

  3. I adore the eyeshadow in the top photo – who makes it? The link brings me to a page with every eyeshadow Nordstrom makes, which is sadly less than helpful.

  4. I love this look. So rosy yet deep. I’m totally into a bronzy smudgy look on my eyes right now.