So we’re mid-way through January {whaa??} – how are those resolutions coming? Have you avoided sugar? {I have not}. Have you worked out everyday? {I have not}. Have you abstained from all alcohol and caffeine? {I have, but only because I’ve been required to for the last 7 months!}. But no matter! It’s not about whether you make it through self-deprivation for 30 days – it’s about where you’re investing your energy for this entire year! I’ve been loving all the very interesting and eerily similar perspectives on all the potential that 2015 holds – so I’ve rounded up some of my favorite articles along with a few fun challenges that are very realistic to take on. Oh and I’ve included some additional home accessories I’d love to sneak into the loft, as well as a totally frivilous recap of my favorite Golden Globe fashion because I am already dreaming of the outfit I will wear when my feet reveal themselves once more. Hope you have a marvelous weekend my dears!! xo

> I’m planning to start this 30 Day Minimalism Challenge. Small assignments everyday such as, “evaluate your last 5 purchases” or “no complaint day” are meant to teach you about yourself and help you reevaluate your lifestyle. You can start any day you’d like which makes it easy and so fun!

> On that same track, I’m excited to think a little differently this year. The online bubble, while fun, easy and addicting helpful, is definitely feeling more and more insular and predictable these days. That’s why I’m loving the perspective Cassandra is taking on 2015. Just this post alone is refreshing. I can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve.

> Did you know that some of the most creative ideas are born from boredom? Neither did I, but if you think about it, it makes sense. Your brain needs the downtime to come up with something truly original. That’s why I’m going to try NPR’s Bored and Brilliant challenge. It invovles actually measuring your smart phone use. I’m ready for the scary truth. Are you?

> What does your year ahead look like? For fun, take a look at these 2015 Horoscopes! It seems that the stars are always eerily accurate. Travel, love, career change…we’re kind of dying to know what’s in your future. So come back and tell us what you’re most excited about!

> Perhaps it’s no surprise, but the Nate Berkus Spring 2015 collection for Target is our latest obsession. Have you seen it yet? It’s so good. We’re loving the colors and textures and we’re totally snagging this wall hanging, this coral and gold accent table and this metallic, slightly boho pillow before they sell out!

> We’re dedicating the entire month of January to organizing our lives. This article on How To Purge Everything You Don’t Need in Your Home is full of great tips like, label every cord on your desk and in your “overflowing tech drawer” with a bread tag. We bet half of the cords you’re holding onto you no longer have the gadgets for!

> And finally, let’s talk red carpet at the Golden Globes! While the comedy was a little lackluster this year, the fashion was pretty on point. Who was your best dressed? There were a lot of style don’ts for us {*cough* J.Lo!} but Sienna Miller in Miu Miu? Yes! Common in Prada? Hell yes. And Katherine Heigl looked gorge in a navy Zac Posen dress. But if I was picking what I would wear it’d be this…See the entire recap of the star studded carpet here!

PS: More thoughts on the new year HERE and inspirations for things to try in 2015 HERE

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  1. I’m heading over to the purge your home link – it’s gotta be done! Also, I love this print – what a perfect message 🙂 happy Friday!

  2. I love the blog Into Mind that they reference with the 30 day minimalism challenge! It’s definitely helped me as I’ve tried to organize my life (it’s harder than it looks). I like that purge your home link, too, as I could always use any simple encouragement to let things go.