In the constant battle against sameness, we’re the first to admit that finding fresh ideas can often feel impossible. Coming up with new angles on a story, or better yet, creating an entirely new story all together requires an “aha” moment and careful execution. But when we all fail to step away from the desk, everything starts to feel more than a little repetitive. There’s definitely still a ton of creative inspiration out there on the web – you just have to dig a little further {aka beyond Pinterest} to find it!

So we decided to do a little hunting on your behalf. Looking for something that presents a completely different perspective is just what we need to get out of our rut. If you’re in need of something to get your gears going {in a good way!}, take a moment to dissect the choices in these awesome examples of styling genius, or simply enjoy them for what they are – pure eye candy!


Sully Sullivan’s has funky top-down styling down to a fun perfection. Sully’s work for Haus Interior’s candles – hot dogs? drinks in coconuts? – puts a big, sunny smile on our faces!


Tina Hellburg does eclectic and does it right! She sources the strangest and coolest objects that are complete showstoppers on their own, and manages to find a balance between them all. Her mix of texture, color, size and shape invites you into a world of her own making. We’d gladly hang out in it for quite some time!


Janne Peters styles monochromatic sets like a champ. Her understanding of tones and placement is undeniable. We love Janne’s use of depth and lines and her signature pop of the unexpected – that citron!


Lotta Agaton is our styling hero. We’re certain she’s from a different planet all together. The way she looks at everyday objects beyond their purpose and is able to recreate an entirely new shape with them is the definition of a great stylist.


Oh and her interior work? Also BA-NA-NAS…

We love how these pros stretch our ideas about how to tell a visual story. It’s nice to take a break from the all gold, all acrylic, all chevron world that seems to dominate blog-land these days. Who are some stylists you look up to or turn to for inspiration?

Do you have any tips for getting out of a creative rut??

Looking for even more inspiration? We’re quite sure you’ll enjoy this and this and this!

image 1-2 via Haus Interiors // 3-4 via Tina Hellberg // 5-6 via Gentl and Hyers // 7-8 via Janne Peters // 9-12 via Lotta Agaton

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  1. These are great! Love the ideas! I especially love Janne Peters work. Thanks for sharing!