Looking for a fresh design idea? We’ve been hunting too. Some of the most eye-catching spaces we’ve come across are the ones that seem to effortlessly weave together a variety of juxtaposing styles—Modern Rustic, Casual Glam, Sexy Lumberjack… Whoops! Got carried away with that last one…


This little ditty of a hallway is the perfect example of what we mean. Just when you think you’re taking a stroll down Mid-Century Modern lane…WHAM!… You’re hit with a vintage Moroccan Berber rug that knocks the assumptions right out of you—leaving you to wonder ‘what could possibly be next?!’ Oh just an amazing angular chandelier, uber-oversized abstract art balanced by a playful gallery wall and classic icons like your Eames Lounger and AJ floor lamp.


We’re calling this look Mid-Century Eclectic — mid-century staples sprinkled with some global and earthy flair. It’s a look that can be achieved by starting with classic and clean Mid-Century pieces and layering in more organic accents like some greenery, textured rattan and a hemp style military bed. Here’s how to nail the look!


1. > Robbie Kemper Painting “Circles & Squares”
2. > Claiborne Side Chair
3. > Clemente Floor Lamp
4. > Lines Leather Pillow
5. > Wall Wonder Clock
6. > Potted Cactus (purchase similar here)
7. > Fragment Cushion
8. > Italian Chandelier
9. > Bullet Planter
10. > Dakar Rug

Shop even more of our Mid-Century Eclectic favorites here!

images via Still Stars // photography by Heidi Lerkenfeldt

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  1. Love this look- I think its all about the textiles, really. I’ve been eyeing one of those gorgeous Aelfie rugs for my condo reno which I think will give the same mid century look but with a pop of color. Thanks!


  2. This is a great look! It’s modern, sheek and sophisticated. I really admire the big abstract photo on the wall, I think its brings so much personality to the room, and the ascent rug on the wood floor, it’s a great way to bring warmth to this space while adding color at the same time, well done!

  3. It’s magnificent how that paint matches the rug below and the chair. I’m truly inspired !